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My first major purchase on #Empire   #Kred  $$$$$ :-)

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There really should be a Gotham City themed bakery. #startups #Batman  

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Using a utility to schedule posts on your social media calender is the way to go, making time for incidental posts and conversations keeps you fresh.
When are the best times for sharing on social media?

This is an age old question, and many have attempted to answer it. We just ran across some research today by Track Maven, which analyzed 1,167,426 blog posts to help answer this question. (

What's the real answer?

The real answer is dependent on several factors:

▶ the topic
▶ the social network
▶ the audience
▶ your engagement

These are just some of the factors, but taken together, they form a unique fingerprint for the top days and times to be sharing your content. 

NOD3x to the rescue!

We take the guess work out of the equation, and automatically take all the important factors into consideration. You simply know exactly when the top days and times are for your unique situation.

✔ If you care to learn more, we welcome you to join our G+ community:

#socialmediatips   #socialmediastrategy   #NOD3x   #datavisualization  
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Water Cycle Modeling

I coupled HydroGeoSphere (HGS), a three-dimensional integrated surface and subsurface flow and energy transport model, to Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF), a nonhydrostatic Mesoscale three-dimensional numerical weather model. HGS replaced the land surface components of WRF and provides the evapotranspiration and saturation from the porous media to the atmosphere. WRF provides HGS with the potential evapotranspiration and precipitation. 

I'm currently working on modeling all of California, with the goal of finding the relationship between water resources and the climate. We are also looking at the current drought in California and study the future climate under the new precipitation patterns. 

Our work on California is still in the early stages and our results are showing the initial spin-up period before quasi-equilibrium. I'm presenting my research at the  Universität Tübingen this week and to EGU (Monday, 13th morning) next week. 

Please learn more about my research at!

#california   #climate   #science   #climatechange   #drought   #water  

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Forward looking to Fall 2015
+Pantone recently came out with its Fashion Color Report for Fall 2015: See how +Surya translates these colors for the home!

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"Mass expands at velocity squared."
Gravity = Mass x Velocity (squared)

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Phil Kean and his design team's visual imprint is all around Orlando FL. #architecture  

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Apple engineer talking about how they developed the new Macbook XD
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