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I agree, panels are something to prepare for -- I have moderated several where I did not get to pick the panelists (#1). However, I did research the topic, and the subject matter experts, including their speaking style. Make it a conversation, and yes, move it around the panelists. The moderator is there to make sure you're on topic, the discussion is useful and lively, people peak from a position of strength and authority, and the conversation is worth being a part of, which indeed also means the audience is part of it throughout.
Panel session at conferences are very uneven, and often they suck. Why? The primary blame can be laid at the feet of the moderators, who often don’t do enough to make the panels great. Charlie O’Donnell offers details in a great post: Charlie O’Donnell, Why do panels suck and how can we make them better? I spoke on a SXSW panel in 2011 that didn’t suck. I know it didn’t suck because the first person to ask a question told us that our panel was w...
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