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This book is not for everybody, which is also why I feel strongly about recommending it.
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My list of books to read is growing faster than I am getting through the books, but this has been added to the list. Reading your post though, I was not sure what your thoughts are on the Self-Help industry. Are you seeing it as a good thing, a necessary evil or not a good thing?
fair question +Thabo Hermanus and I don't consider this book part of the self help industry, because it's engineered to get you moving independently of the author (he's a fiction writer). I stay away from any situation designed to create a dependency.
+Valeria Maltoni , your last three words are the AHA moment. I am of the opinion that there is nothing wrong with support or insight, but it must not be a crutch. The purpose is to liberate people, not keep them needing you... I just asked the question given you mention the industry.
If this book is anything like his precious one, Killing Rommel by Steven Pressfield it will be excellent! One I have for sale, my husband and I both enjoyed.
This book is wonderful and this doesn't really qualify as self help as much as a treatise on personal artistic and entrepreneurial endeavour at a very philosophical level. It boils down to 'quit stalling and start working' you don't need to re-read once done, you get the message or you don't.
Thanks for referring the book Valeria. I think I need a double speed reading course with all the things I want to read that I don't get around to.
Jay, the "quit stalling and start working" is an important message. Another one that people need is, "don't underestimate or undervalue yourself". 
Pressfield is an exquisite writer +Trudy Connor and I enjoyed his fiction. The War of Art is a gift to anyone wishing to pursue their creative calling. As +Jay Gilmore said, it is a swift kick in the procrastination pants - gets you focused and moving.
I don't have gurus, and I don't read self-help books. This was more like counsel from one writer to another. Didn't need the third section of the book, but he's made his point by the end of the second. +Jay Gilmore is on-target. Glad you enjoyed it, Valeria. :-)
One I should read so maybe I can stay focused. :D
Interesting. I read his book "The Profession" on Olivier Blanchard's recommendation Very good and almost spooky. Sometimes refers to the "NY Times-Google Company." Might check this one out too.
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