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I'm seeing the amount of spam growing exponentially since G+ opened to everyone. Are you?
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Are we surprised? The cool thing I noticed however is the report feature works almost immediately.
No, but I did just earn $.78 on the internet. Let me show you how!!
Yep - A women's rehab center circled me and then +tagged me with their website...!
Shocking, isn't it?

The big question is how Google is going to deal with it and the tools they are going to give us to help th. 
Not even a little bit. I got all mine early. : /
Spam is directly proportional to the size of your circles is my working hypothesis.
Absolutely. And I haven't figured out how to filter posts yet.
None for me yet, but then my circles are still small...
Seeing a bit - not to mention lots and lots of accounts with'suss' names, little profile information and no posts - that look as if they might be spammy
I haven't seen any spam yet
It will grow and likely be similar to Twitter in some sense. I suspect the same will happen with Facebook and the new subscribe feature.
Mostly I have people who've added me to their circles that look like classic twitter spammer profiles I don't add them back. 
Any sort of follow is potential spam at this point as you need to go and look at the profile to get a sense of who it is. And as much as I would love to Ignore All, the risk of not seeing someone really worth it is just too high.
No spam on my end, I think Google and the users are being very diligent combating the spam. Saw some new followers circle me with funky names but G+ will find those as well.
Couple of people I don't know shared irrelevant posts with me. First time that's happened.
agree with Lina. It's sort of strange that I'm conversing with folks I do not know as well but am learning from some. I think we will learn to master filtering over time.
master filtering is key but I think it is nice to get opinions and experiences for all sorts of people, with all sorts of different views. so i am holding off on filtering anyone right now unless they spam me or post something that crosses the line.
I'm seeing people trying to tag me in pics that are totally unrelated/irrelevant and not of me; spam comments to posts with links, and fake profiles. My circles are not really big. Admittedly, I do many posts that are public.
Seems the Team has been working on this. Thanks guys :)

There is a Spam flag showing up now, in the comments area.
I'm reporting and blocking also all those who tag me in random photos that have nothing to do with me.
I must be just antisocial enough to not get spammed, yet still get the benefits of g+ I'm looking for...
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