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Valentin Vago
Here should come a brief description of myself...
Here should come a brief description of myself...
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Just a little promo #clip (made with #VisualFiha) for the #Algorave on 23rd of March at Urban Spree, Berlin

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Don't worry.. I'm busy.

Working at camunda <3

(an email received this morning)

Hallo camundos,
wenn Ihr Euch mit Euren Nerf-Guns abschießt, denkt doch bitte auch daran, Eure Munition nach Beendigung des Spaßes wieder einzusammeln. Ich fische diese regelmäßig unter Tischen, aus Mülleimern und Blumentöpfen heraus.

Hi Camundos,

when you are over shooting with your nerf guns, please, think about collecting your munitions at the end of the fun. I regularly find some of them in below the tables, in the plants or trash bins.

Thank you!

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Good ol' IE9 :/

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JS promises are a dangerous hype (IMO).
I've read many times that it would avoid "callbacks useage" and have a better control flow, probably put rainbows and unicorns in your code as well. 

By willing to provide some chainable async way of coding you land in a...
callback madness!

PS: "un 'tiens', vaut mieux que 2 'tu l'auras'"
PPS: I could add that protractor & angular js are almost only made promises and that it is one of the reasons I will not recommend them.
PPPS: JMR - who answered - seems to be member of both AngularJS and Protractor team (I have nothing against her, it has to be told)

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How nice is that!? :)
I'm looking forward for the exhibition!
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