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Val Spiers
I love designing and sewing doll clothes.
I love designing and sewing doll clothes.

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Ruffle Party Dress: A Fashion File by Valspierssews Doll Clothes
You don't need much to make this amazing party dress for your doll. So far I have only done the measurements for the 18" doll but I will be checking it out on the 20" doll soon. When I saw the picture of the little girls' dress on Pinterest I knew I could m...

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Summer and Winter Pyjamas Patterns are Published
I have at last got both the 18" doll pyjamas and the 20" doll pyjamas published on Etsy. I have put a lot of work into these patterns. There are lots of variations and the design is easy to make. It even looks great as a dress or top. If you buy the two pat...

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Progress Report on Sewing 'The 18" Dress'
I have been sewing like a crazy person here lately. It is such fun to make all the different variations of The 18" Dress. I even started putting my cup of tea next to the sewing machine on top of the instructions. Usually I keep my tea out of the sewing roo...

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I love my pusher and don't know how I ever got along without it. I saw someone using a purchased one on their blog once. I had never seen anything like it before and I had been sewing a long time.

I have been using my pusher for top stitching collars lately. I saw someone using a purchased pusher on their blog once and thought it was such a good idea.

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How to sew Doll Clothes: Stitching the side seams on a sleeveless lined bodice.
I decided that this method was a bit tricky for diagrams. It is hard to explain but easy to see how it it done. I refer to this blog post in my doll clothes pattern "The 18" Dress: A Lined Bodice". Once you have the shoulder seams sewn on your lining and bo...

Apple has made another "improvement" that is a real nuisance. In iPhoto there was a perfect free add on program that allowed me to click export in iPhoto and then add text to all the photos at once then one more click to get them where I wanted them.
The new Photo app makes me export them to a folder then import them to another program to add text. Very annoying. Preview only seems to do it one photo at a time. Photoshop is not something I am comfortable with. Though I may have to try to learn it because I can't find anything else. Naturally I want it for free.
Has anyone got any suggestions?

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Latest New Doll Clothes Pattern 1851 and 2051 Off the Shoulder
My latest published pattern in my shops is the long awaited Off the Shoulder top that I used when I did the photo shoot for the Skater Skirt. It looks great on the 18" American Girl doll and the 20" Australian Girl doll. I think this one was inspired by som...

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Prototype for New Pyjamas Pattern
Pretty quiet here today. Just us two this year. I had a need to fill the time with designing and sewing. This one is part of a pyjamas collection. It needs some buttons down the front. I will probably instruct you to put those on before sewing on the skirt....
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