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I have been writing a bunch of command-line utilities in PowerShell. Using the standard alias name scheme, there is now the command alias wtf. This amuses me more than it probably should.
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On one of our applications at work, one of the queues to which work objects can be assigned is called the "Work To Followup" Queue. It's the queue where work objects are placed that the user doesn't know what to do with it. Every time we get a new team member join the company, they inevitably have to pass the initiation test of getting on a conference call to make the statement, "Wait......WTF queue? Seriously?" Every time it comes up on a conference call I have to mute so I can giggle madly.
Have you ventured into creating your own cmdlets via C# yet?
+Milo Harris I've been writing cmdlets directly in PS using [cmdletbinding(supportsshouldprocess=$true,confirmimpact='high')]. They are loaded as a local module then they can be called from the command line with standard switches like any built-in command, and they can be called as functions from PS scripts. The suite interfaces with a custom remote endpoint I wrote (also directly in PS) deployed on > 1k hosts.
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