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As expected, the rear mounted fingerprint sensor is nowhere to be seen. #News #OnePlus6T
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Xiomi MI A2 64 GB Advanced Features – Sale on 23 August on Amazon India
#Xiomi #MiA2 #Amazon
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Here are two truth bombs – especially when it comes to extremely competitive niches:

💣 Creating high-quality content alone doesn’t work
💣 SEO alone isn’t enough
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Increase Your Secondary Income Online With 17 Smart Ways Without Leaving Job

No one would like to work for 9 to 5 daily for others. Everybody wants to get rid of the boring 8 hours job (talking about private not government job!) But they can’t because they don’t have any other source to #EarnMoney and meet their financial requirements.

But I would like to re-write the sentence in this way

“They have other sources of income but are afraid of getting a failure, procrastination or low confidence.”

Everyone is having a special skill and converting them into a profession can make you an #Entrepreneur and no one could stop you. Let’s understand this with a single example.

An employee is getting around 40K per month and you know when the company pays 40K per month to an employee, right? In short, he is skilled in a particular discipline and if he will start working for his own; soon; he can able to generate more income than the salary in the future.

I don’t know who said but love to share with you

“It doesn’t matter what you do in 8 hours during job but it matters what you do in the remaining 16 hours.”

But my main concern is that don’t rely only on just one source of income. Grab the opportunity and start earning money from other various sources. The Internet is the best medium to find work and increase the bank balance at the end of every month.

Let’s have a look at the 17 smart ways to #EarnMoneyOnline and make your dreams come true.

- Be an #Amazon Mechanical Turk
- Become a Surveyors and Get Paid on Every Survey
- Sell Your Talent Online
- Become a #Fiverr Seller
- Be a Virtual Assistant
- Create, Upload Videos on #YouTube & Earn from Ad Views
- Amazon Associate
- Become a #Motivational Coach (Obviously on the Internet)
- Review Websites & #Mobile #Apps for Cash
- Become a #Freelance Writer
- Publish Kindle #Digital Books
- Become an Online Teacher

For Those Who are Either Blogger or Website Owner
- Promote Brand Products on Your #Blog
- Earn Through Google #Adsense Ads
- Promote Brand and Organization on Your #SocialMedia
- Become a Freelance Website #Designer
- Earn Through Winning Blog

Get detail information on each source of income:

Share your thoughts in the comment section; I would like to discuss them. If you have your own story of “earning more than your salary” through secondary income source and want to publish online; I would love to publish on my blog and encourage others to start getting money through innovative ideas and ways. My Blog is
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+Sendible - A Single Tool Can Help You Monitor All Your Social Media Channels

Today, #SocialMedia is an integral and essential part of every kind of #DigitalMarketing strategies. As we all know, there isn’t a better medium than social media to interact and engage with the customers directly, quickly and accurately. Within a fraction of seconds, a #Brand can resolve customers’ queries. Isn’t it quite impressive?

It’s Hard to Manage All Social Media Accounts at the Same Time:

Yes, I agree with this statement. We all use at least 5 social media changed per business and sometimes it’s more than 20. Needless to say, handling 20 accounts symmetrically isn’t possible as the way we all want. So, what’s the solution? Obviously, social media tools where you can configure multiple accounts, manage and monitor them whenever you want.

Which Tool Should I Use?

I’m glad you raised this question.

I am going to share a social media monitor tool named “SENDIBLE” that help you manage all your social media channels, schedule the posts and much more.

Here below are some features of Sendible that tempt you to install right now.

· Having 20+ Integrations which is more than Other Tools

· Organize Your Social Channels Feeds into One Screen Only

· Keep Eye on Your Brand’s Reputation

· Curate, Post and Schedule Creative Content within Fraction of Time

· Detailed Insightful & Analytics Reports

· Automated Twitter Strategy

· Manage permissions & team workflows

· #Android and/or #iOS app to manage channels from your #Smartphone

· And my favorite one: Schedule Content in bulk with Images via CSV file

To know each feature in details; head to the main source:

Android and/or iOS app to manage channels from your smartphone

And my favorite one: Schedule Content in bulk with Images via CSV file.
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