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for those interested the Samsung G2 is included.

Para los que se interesen, el Galax2 está incluido ahí. #galaxys2  

Coming Soon to a Server near you

Builds will start popping up tonight. 

As a note, the maguro build from this morning was not meant to be linked publicly. Maguro’s build this evening will be marked to be on par with the other 9.0.0 releases.
ICS, we hardly knew ye. Builds for CyanogenMod 9 stable will be rolling out to our servers tonight. As noted before, this will be the end of the line for the
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note: step 1 is root, step 2 is installing cyanogen mod 9.
the procedure was successful, and thanks to the great help of the video tutorial quite simple indeed.
additional tip: i went ahead with a full wipe, which erased all the apps i had previously installed (i thought it would make the new install cleaner, and it worked). If you want to get back your previously installed apps, just go to and the apps you used to have on your device will all be indicated, which makes re-installing pretty simple.
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