A very nice way to meet someone new...Hello +Sophie Duncan 

I'm taking part in the Literary+, 'Get To Know You' event, and I was paired with +Vago Damitio . We swapped questions, but I'm posting both sets of answers, because Vago is travelling ATM and does not have guarantted access to internet.

So, first, these are the questions I asked +Vago Damitio :

Q1: If you could remove/kill off any character from (a) book(s) before they had an impact on the plot of the book(s) they appear in, who would it be and why?
I would kill off Abraham before he could start all that mess with Ismael, Hagar, Sarah, and Isaac so that there would be peace in the Middle East.

Q2: Quick choice: steak or sushi?
Sushi - spicy ahi rolls

Q3: And something, I hope, for the anthropologist in you: if you could visit any civilisation from the beginning of time to now, which one and what would you hope to learn from them?
I would visit ancient Polynesians to learn where they came from, why they left, how to voyage through the massive pacific ocean with no compass, no motors, and no charts -  or, maybe I would visit the ancient Basques and Berbers in Atlantis to find out what the big cataclysm was and if we did meet with spacemen (or are them)

These are the questions Vago asked me, +Sophie Duncan :
Q1:  ____________ is the most important thing in life because __________
+Natasha Duncan-Drake , my twin sister, is the most important thing in my life, because she's always been there for me, she is my other half and I wouldn't want to live without her.

Q2: Blowjobs, Give, Get, Mutual, or Outlaw.
All of the first 3, depends on the mood :P

Q3: What makes a good human being? What makes a successful human being?
Oo, this one's a toughie. I don't think good and successful are necessarily mutually exclusive when it comes to making it in this world, but sometimes nature favours the not-so-good.

Having said that, I think a good human being is someone who doesn't live in isolation. Someone who looks for the best in others and has others' as well as their own needs in mind when making decisions. Someone who people are glad to see, who supports and collaborates. 

I would love to say a successful human being is always the same as a good human being, and by my standards, I would say that is how I would define success, I wouldn't be happy walking over people and causing others pain to get where I wanted to go, but in life, there are some people who are perfectly happy destroying others to get what they want. :( So, success is in the eye of the beholder. 

Still, in my world, good=success.
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