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Just another open source developer

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Configure is now less forgiving
Just a word of warning: it was previously possibly to write ../configure --enable-bloordyblop and configure would happily run and just ignore the unknown option. This could be seen as being nicely lenient but, in fact, was much more often aggravating as it ...

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Our GSoC 2017 students and projects
After an average of one post every 6 months or so on this blog, good news just can't stop coming now, with a second post in just 3 days. This one is to announce that wxWidgets has been allocated two slots in this year Google Summer of Code program and Prash...

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3.0.3 Released
We have finally, after a long delay, released 3.0.3, please see the announcement or go directly to the release page .
As with the previous 3.0.x releases, there are no important new
features in this release, but there are quite a few bug fixes as well as

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Last call for proposals for GSoC 2017
This is just a reminder that wxWidgets is one of the mentoring organizations
in this year Google Summer of Code program and we are looking for proposals from motivated students with
knowledge of C++ and interest for cross-platform development. There is less...

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Safer S...
I want, of course, to talk about "Safer Strings" today. TL;DR: Add /DwxNO_UNSAFE_WXSTRING_CONV=1 to your compiler
options today. wxWidgets has had implicit conversion of wxString to const
char* since the dawn of time (or about 1992, at any rate). This was

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How to Keep a Secret
If your program needs to ask the user for a password, e.g. to connect to a web
site or a database, chances are that it proposes a way to remember this
password and not have to enter it the next time. This is convenient for the
users, but is quite difficult ...

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Improving Inherently Important Internationalisation Issues
One of the lesser-known advantages of wxWidgets compared to many other
libraries is that, using its API, you can centre a window on the screen and set its colour to grey without having to Americanise your programme. But, as natural as this
behaviour is, and...

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An unexpectedly expected release: 3.1.0 is available
Surprisingly, at least to me, we managed to make 3.1.0 release exactly as planned , i.e. today, without any delays. The price for this is that there are a couple of known problems in this release (see the errata on the release page), but we decided that it ...

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What g++ binaries for 3.1.0 release?
We plan to provide g++ binaries for the upcoming release, but we're not sure what are the versions and the build options that people would be interested in, so here is a quick poll to gather some information about this: polls Please select 1-3 options corre...

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3.1.0 Is Coming
Although we've been talking about it since quite some time, this time we're really going to make a new release soon. To be even more precise, I firmly expect to make it this month. Of course, I did wait until January was over to announce it. On the other ha...
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