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Take More Time Off From Work to Enjoy Life to the Fullest
Take More Time Off From Work to Enjoy Life to the Fullest


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*Do you celebrate Vacation Memories Day? *
You spend so much time and effort to go on vacation and have great memories about every trip. Don't forget to take the time to reminisce about your vacations. Read the new post on VacationCounts to find out why and how to remember your past vacations for years to come.

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What comes first, Career Achievement or a Work-Life Balance full of vacation possibilities?
Find out how to prioritize and whether you have a "job" or a "career"

In an ideal world you can have both a successful career and an amazing work-life balance. Your career trajectory will continue upward with greater responsibility and increasing pay and rewards. At the same time when the workday ends (at a reasonable time) and when the weekend arrives, you never have to think about work. Keep reading...
#Career #WorkLife #WorkLifeBalance #Vacation #TimeOff #Job

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Looking for a device that let's you stay connected, get stuff done, and be entertained while on vacation? Chromebook is the small laptop that acts like a tablet (at least some models do). Why is it my pick for travel? It’s really inexpensive (less than your iPhone), is your travel guide, offers big screen entertainment, simplifies trip booking, and offers a desktop Chrome browser experience with a real keyboard. Gotta have a keyboard. Read my latest article on VacationCounts as to why you should consider Chromebook for traveling and working from the road (think: bleisure).
#Chromebook #TravelTech #StayConnected #TravelComputer #VacationDevice

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When you are investing a lot of money into a vacation or traveling internationally, you need to think about travel insurance. I do. It's not like life insurance where you feel that you are getting tricked like those silly ads on daytime TV.
Trip interruption and cancellation coverage plus travel medical insurance (including emergency evacuation) is simple to understand and not expensive. Whenever you are booking an expensive, complex, or risky trip (or have an existing medical condition), research the ways in which a single trip or annual insurance policy can help.
Here are my top 5 reasons so you can understand how, when, and where to buy. It's your decision and the best part is the process is self-service with no insurance agent knocking at your door.
#travelinsurance #travelmedical #travelhealthcare #tripinsurance #internationaltravel

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How to use your online calendar to improve work-life balance
My latest post with 3 simple-smart tips to leverage your shared office calendar. Learn how to take a work-free lunch break, schedule productive work time to get things done, and go home to spend more time with your family.
#worklifebalance #timemanagement #productivity #familytime #gettingthingsdone #calendar #lifehacks

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The List of 2017 Public Holidays in the USA
My annual post informing you of the dates of all the U.S. federal and state holidays for 2017 is out. Take a look at your own list of official holidays at your place of employment (check your HR company portal) and mark your vacation calendars today.
Get my advice on how to best use each holiday to have more free time and travel more in the new year (with video inspiration!).
How many holidays do you get at work and what are you doing to leverage all your paid days off to optimize your work-life balance?
Comment and share your own holiday list and how to use them. #worklifebalance #vacation #holiday #USHolidays #AmericanHolidays #travel #2017Holidays #VacationCalendar

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After health and safety, money is my biggest worry when traveling. I worked hard to save up for my life, my family, my vacations, and my future retirement. I don’t want to be without credit while on vacation or return home as the victim of identity theft. That would definitely undo the rejuvenating benefits of taking that vacation.

As a result of my extensive travels over the last 20+ years, I’ve identified 5 essential ways that help me protect my vacation money, travel documents, and good credit.
1. Bank Email Transaction Alerts
2. Credit Card Vacation Notice
3. Vacation Finance Backup Plan
4. Be Reachable On Vacation
5. Secure Your Travel Money

Read the whole story on VacationCounts and consider leaving a comment or sharing it on social media with people who need to take more vacation time off.
#travelmoney #vacationmoney #financialsecurity #creditcards #banking #travel #vacation #packinglist

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Take my prescription for 1 Vacation Each Month (12 per year)
... for the ultimate work-life-vacation balance.
Read my tips on how to plan a trip or mini-vacation for each month on your calendar. Are you ready to travel more with a vacation a month for life? You can make it happen even if you only have 2 weeks of vacation from your job by leveraging weekends and holidays.
Here's how... #travel #worklifebalance #vacation #calendar

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You Wish is Granted - Take All the Vacation Days in the World! NOT!
Read my latest post about why unlimited vacation policies are an awful idea. They do not solve the work-life-vacation balance crisis in America and they are not as generous as they first appear.

Give me 5 weeks of vacation (fixed) and get rid of this ridiculous notion of unlimited which may be a trap to get employees to take fewer vacation days. There are so many reasons why "unlimited" is bad for people that deserve real time off.

What do you think? Do you have an unlimited policy at work or what have you heard about it from peers? VacationCounts readers want to know. Thanks for liking and sharing and commenting. #worklifebalance #vacationbenefits #unlimitedvacation #timeoff

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Are you a victim of not taking all your vacation days due to one of these 3 reasons? My official guest post for the Project: Time Off site which like VacationCounts, promotes taking more time off to travel.
Try these solutions to use and never lose your vacations. ‪#‎timeoff‬ ‪#‎vacationhappiness‬ ‪#‎worklifebalance‬ ‪#‎USTravel‬ ‪#‎vacation‬
Thanks for their sponsor, the U.S. Travel Association who want to do something real for Americans who lack adequate time off.
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