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For a potential group buy and to pass on the savings to each of you, please list below which product you would like to see as a group buy item. We will then see based on the demand what sort of pricing can be arranged. 
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Premium Bluetooth Module (9W7)
Polar FIS+ Advanced
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VW Central, is proud to announce MIB I units with 8" Displays.

This offer is strictly for September only.

You will receive:

• MIB I Discover Pro non DAB Unit, DAB Option is an additional ($259 AUD)

• 8" Display

• 8" Housing for RHD vehicles

(Please specify whether you have a Golf, Golf GTI, Golf GTI Performance & Golf R as the trim colour will change).

All parts are Genuine VW.

Total Package price: $1,799.00

For customers who already have a 6.5" display (factory fitted) as seen in Polo 6C's and just require a navigation unit or navigation with DAB, this is the perfect option for you!

The September special for the MIB I Control Unit only is: $1,299.00

This is a perfect upgrade for anyone who want to upgrade to a larger 8" Display or has a vehicle that does not come factory with navigation in your entry level Golf 7's, Polo, Passat & Tiguan.

All units come with component protection and diagnostics disabled.

Each Discovery Pro unit comes with 64GB of internal solid state storage which can be used for music or photos.

If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail us at
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MIB II now available $3,999 + Housing or Fascia.

DAB option an additional $259.00 (completely separate unit). 

Comes pre-activated
Comes with component protection removed 
2015 Australian Maps

Simply plug and play.

This retrofit option will not be offered to any pre-MY16 cars. This has been confirmed by Volkswagen today. 

If CarPlay & Mirrorlink is not important to you, head over to our Facebook page for more info and hot deal on MIB I.
Stock is strictly limited at that price;

Facebook Page can be found at:
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HOT OFFER: Michelin Pilot Super Sports - 235/35/19 91Y - $359 each.
Pilot Super Sport tires expand the Max Performance Summer tire performance envelope by delivering durability, handling and traction while increasing tread life.

2015 Delivered Stock - Cheapest Pricing in Australia, for those customers in Victoria, we will fit & balance your tires free of charge.

To order a set please click the link below, pricing is exclusive to VW Central.
VW Central
VW Central
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Australia's official dealer of Auto-Polar. Follow us on Facebook - for up to date offers & group buys for the Polar FIS Advanced + Kessy Edition.
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ATT MK7 Owners:

Who would be interested in receiving an 8" Navigation upgrade to your MK7 for $1,999?

What's included:

Discovery Pro MIB I 
8" Display
New Housing - Fascia (Requires new housing for 8" display because this thing is seriously huge!)

Common Questions:
Does this support Car Play or Mirror Link?
No, you will need to purchase an MIB II unit.

What about component protection and map activation?
We have that covered, already removed!

Does it come with Australian Maps?
Yes! 2015 Release.

What about taking it in for a service will VW ruin it?
No. We lock it down so they cannot tamper with it.
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Please find below a list of products we provide:

Genuine VW - RNS510 Revision P(40GB Hard Drive Navigation 2014⁄2015 build) - $1,249

Genuine VW - RNS510 Revision R(40GB Solid State Navigation 2014⁄2015 build) - $1,349

Genuine VW - Reverse Flip Badge Camera to suit MK5⁄MK6 Golf, EOS, Passat - $620

Genuine VW - Scirocco Reverse Camera - $350

Genuine VW - Handle Camera (Fits into camera handle) - $350

Genuine VW - OPS Kit (Compatible with most car models, comes with Harness & Module) - $550

Genuine VW - Genuine Bluetooth Kit 9W7 (Premium version with phone book) - $440

Genuine VW - Genuine Bluetooth Kit 9W2 (Standard Bluetooth Kit) - $340

Genuine VW - MK6 R-Line Steering Wheel (Can be converted for MK5 use) - $1000

Genuine VW - Media Device Interface with USB Cable - $250.00

Genuine VW - Folding Mirror Mechanism (MK6 & MK7) - $999

Genuine Audi - R8 Oil Cap - $70

Genuine Audi - R8 Coolant Cap - $150

Genuine VW - MK6 Climatronic with Repair Wire & Housing (To Fit MK5) - $140

Genuine VW - MK7 Climatronic with Housing (To Fit MK6) - $210

Genuine VW - Discovery Pro with 8" Display - $2,399 (Additional $279 for the Genuine VW Housing)

Genuine VW - Discovery Pro (Top Model) with 8" Display - $3,399 with WLAN, Google Maps, Google Earth. (Additional $279 for Genuine VW Housing)

Aftermarket Accessories:

• Paddle Shifters

• LED Interior Lights

• LED License Plate Lights

• MK7 Cornering Light (Upgrade to suit Performance GTI & Golf R)

Vagcom Coding⁄Tweak - $55

- Enable Traffic Updates (for MK7)

- Enable Chirp on lock⁄unlock car

- Disable Start Stop function (MK7)

- Display Full Break Light (MK7 LED Tail Lights)

- RNS510 Firmware Updates
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The highly anticipated Golf R & Golf GTI MK7 Paddle Shifter Extensions have finally arrived. Available in Silver & Black Aluminium. 
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We have a fully working 8" Discovery Pro in Australia. This model is fully loaded with Google Maps, WLAN and DAB Radio.
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VW Central work exclusively with Buckets (Craig) who is known to do the Skyline Ring Mod on these Valeo tail lights.

To answer some common questions we’ve been asked;

Cost: $350.00

What we require: Inner Tails only. 

Turn around time: 6 Business Days

If you are looking at buying Genuine LED Valeo’s it does not matter if you are buying Left Hand Drive or Right Hand Drive if you are going to be using our service for the Skyline Ring Mod.

Upon purchase you will receive documentation explaining VCDS coding that can be done.

Contact us today at 
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