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Shubhakara V Mahadeva Sarma
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Lives in Jaffarkhanpet, Chennai - 600083.
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Good night, sweet dreams 🎭
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Pl read.
The philosophy of the hindu religion divine being. Indian hindu philosophers and spiritual philosophers speech and their preachings about the life
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Shubhakara V Mahadeva Sarma

commented on a post on Blogger.
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     Namasthe!  It is a  fine cassette showing Gho Pooja done by Sringeri Jagadhguru!...The uchchaaran of Gho Suuktham by the Vedhaa Pundits is so soothing and I used to hear this cassette very often.  I prostrate humbly to the Veda Pundits of this cassette for their great rendering!  In this connection I would like to share something.  When I compared with the original Suukthaa I find  two or three words missing in the middle in two places in this rendering and in one place even a whole sentence is missing. I consulted my Vedhaa  Guru also for clarification.  He also concurred with me. This mistake could have occured while recording.  As such, kindly check up and correct those places in the cassette because there would be lakhs and lakhs of devotees of Jagadhguru and also of Gho Maatha watching this video and they must be guided properly.
   If I am wrong kindly point out so that I can correct myself.
   With Pranaams,  
   V  Mahadeva Sarma
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Pl read!
You don't need to be a celebrity to score some extra cash or make a living on social media.
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Pl follow!
CHENNAI: For a long time now, it is a prevalent thought among foreigners that the Hindus in India have little or no regard for clean living. Most people feel th...
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Pl go through my blogs  

1.      learnsamskruthamthesoulofhindusthaan

2.      alamathibymahadevasarma

3.      musicthebesttonicforthemindandthesoul
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Do u know this?
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Secretary, VGS Welfare Trust, Jaffarkhanpet, Chennai 600083. Soft Skills Trainer, Blogger.
Samskrutham Scholar, Soft Skills Trainer, Speaker, Blogger, Hindi Pandit.
  • VGS Welfare Trust
    Secretary, 2010 - present
    It is non-profit service oriented organisation.
  • Soft Skills Trainer
    Soft Skills Trainer, 2009 - 2011
    Have the experience of taking classes on 'Soft Skills' to the Postal Assistant Trainees in the Department of Posts from 2009 to 2010 as a Free'lancer.
  • Department of Posts, Government of India
    Postmaster Retired, 1972 - 2009
    Supervisory post in the Department of Posts.
Map of the places this user has livedMap of the places this user has livedMap of the places this user has lived
Jaffarkhanpet, Chennai - 600083.
Chidambaram, Parangippettai, Saidapet, K K Nagar, Triplicane and Polichalur .
Contact Information
044 - 24714075, Cell: 98408 85854
Old No 3/2 New No 11, Pillaiyar Koil Street, (Jaffarkhanpet Main Road), ' Vasanth Apartments', 'Shubhakara', T2, Jaffarkhanpet, Chennai 600083, Tamilnadu, India.
Cell: 98408 85854, 044 - 24714075
Same as above.
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Love all, hate none and help the needy. Spread Samskrutham Language - the soul of Hindhusthaan. Learn to appreciate and enjoy Music. It gives you longevity. Try to live a simple life which must be a sample to others!!

            Secretary,  VGS Welfare Trust.

            Interested in spreading one of the oldest languages of the world 'Samskrutham'. Admire Vedhaas, Upanishads, Bruhma Sutraas, our Epics - Ramayanaa and Mahaabhaaratha, our Puraanaas and great master pieces like Shrimad Bhaagavatham, Dhevi Bhaagavatham, Raghuvamsam etc to mention a few in Samskrutham literature for their lofty ideals and eternal truths. Samskrutham language has also other great literary works in all walks of life like Art and Architecture, Aayurveda, Anatomy, Artha Shaastraa, Astronomy, Kaama Suuthraa, Shilpa Shaastra, Vaasthu Shaasthra, Vimaan Shaasthra etc.

            I am not very particular in seeing the future Hindhusthaan as a 'Super Power', but I am very much interested in seeing future Hindhusthaan as a 'Super Power' and also at the same time a highly civilized nation, which would be a beacon to show the right direction to the world which is decaying day by day by its materialistic approach to the life instead of a spiritualistic one.

            Love Hindhusthaan's great heritage and its culture. Like to see future Hindhusthaan on a strong Vedic foundation. 

            Like the books of Shri. J. Krishnamurti, the World Teacher and a great Philosopher. Also go thro' the teachings of Shri. U. G. Krishnamurti, an anti-guru who questiened the term 'enlightened' and also a staunch critic of modern day Gurus! According to him each individual is unique, and the path suited to others will not suit you!  Be the master of your fate and don't be a prey to any Guru! Don't follow anybody simply. Most of them are fake and self centred, money making ordinary people!

            I love music, the wonderful art, which elevates the mind and the soul to a higher level! I am of firm opinion that Hindhusthaan is the world leader in the field of music. Every human being must learn to appreciate and enjoy music, which would definitely be a tonic for the mind and the soul and would ensure one's longevity!
            I am a day dreamer.  Dreaming of a VEDHA PAARAAYANA MUTT with facilities for Samskrutham studies and also a GOSHAALAA at Alamathi village near Red Hills, Chennai-600052, where my beloved brother and Guru 'Koil Kandaan' Shri. V. Mrithyunjayan has constructed a 'Srividhya Karpaka Vinaayakar' Temple. Some members of our family have come forward to donate their land near our temple for the above two projects. As such land is ready! 

            We, the bhakthaas of Srividhya Karpaka Vinaayakar and also the VGS Welfare Trust people, are ready to take up the above two projects.We require about Rs 4,00,000/- Rs.Four Lakhs only initially for executing the above projects which were very dear to the heart of 'Mahaa Periyavaa' of Kaanchi Kaamakoti Peetam Jagathguru Shri Chandrasekharendra Saraswathi Mahaa Swaamihal and were like the two eyes to him. In fact, Mahaa Periyavaa wanted every village must have a Vedha Paatashaala and a Goshaalaa.  Let us try our best to fulfill the dream of that great Saint who lived a wholesome life of one hundred years spreading the tenets of our great Sanaathana Dharmaa.                                                                                                                     
           As such,  We request you to donate Rs 1,00,000/- Rs One Lakh only for the above projects and see that your name is inscribed in stone permanently along with the names of other donors in the premises of Veda Paaraayana Mutt and Goshaalaa to be constructed with your donations in NRV Royal City, Alamathi village, Chennai 600052, situated near Red Hills, adjacent to our Srividhya Karpaka Vinaayakar Temple.
          Be the torch bearer and also a member of a group of people who are trying their best to uphold the ideals of our Sanaathana Dharmaa viz. the Vedhic Religion.

            Praying the Almighty for the fulfilment of the above dreams.

            Interested Philanthropists are requested to share their ideas with me in this regard.     

            My Cell: 98408 85854         Ph:  044 24714075
  My E mail ID: 

  • Samskritasri
    7th level- Patamala 7, 2013 - 2013
    Passed 7th level - Patamala course of Samskrit Education Society, Chennai - 600028. Also passed 2nd level exam 'Abhhigna' of Chithoor Samskrutha Pracharani Sabha, AP.
  • Bsc Chemistry from Annamalai University
    Chemistry, 1967 - 1971
  • Board High School, Parangipettai, Cuddalore District, Tamilnadu, India
    Diversified Course Viz.Engineering Section., 1961 - 1967
  • Hindi Praveen Poorvardh of Dakshin Bharath Hindi Prachar Sabha, Chennai
    Hindi, 1962 - 1974
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