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Hey Google TV Fans!

The VIZIO Co-Star is now available at Amazon for $99 here:
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this would have instantly been on my Xmas list if a bluray integrated version was available
I'll pay double if you ship to Canada :)
I am still having trouble (a lot) with HDMI pass through.
Good info. I have to wait until I get a larger LCD TV before I make this purchase. 
What is the ETA for an update?  Both the Sony and Logitech GTVs have gotten the new GooglePlay store whereas we haven't heard anything from Vizio on this.  Aren't you guys supposed to be fixing the lag issue with the home button as well?  How about some updates.
New play store ? When? why wasn't I informed :)

Seriously, +DK Stanford can you confirm this?
+DK Stanford We haven't announced a release date for our next update, when it is released your CoStar will notify you that an update is available!
+VIZIO SD Thanks for the update.  Can't help but think you're missing a trick not opening it up to the international market.
I like my Co-Star, but I do not like the remote (particularly the QWERTY keypad and the touchpad). Does anyone have any recommended alternative remote/input devices?
+Chris Herdt You can connect a USB keyboard, mouse and USB hub to the CoStar for an alternative input method.
+VIZIO SD What gives with the lack of an update on the Co-Star?  You guys are really falling behind Sony.  No new market?  What about the promised update to speed up the menu?  It's been weeks and we hear nothing.  Many of us would like some specifics on when you're releasing updates, otherwise we'll quit recommending the Co-Star due to the perception it is not a priority for +VIZIO