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The #VIZIOCoStar is now shipping pre-orders. If you were one of the first to pre-order, you will be notified via email with shipment confirmation once your order ships.
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How many times do you think i can hit the refresh button in Gmail?
I'm placing an order very, very soon.  Can not wait.
Finally... can't wait!  (Holding strong to not hit refresh constantly)     :)
Is it too much to hope for a tracking number tonight?
+Bogdan Mitrea We can't make any promises as to when you will receive your email, orders are shipped in the order we received them!
Haha anyone get the email yet? I'm gonna break my F5 button..
Completely frustrating.  Can't even pre-order for a few days now.  Hopefully this isn't as anticlimactic as when I looked all over the place for our Wii a few years ago.
+VIZIO since my order was placed on Jul 24, 2012 at 6:21 AM CST I think that I should be close the top of the queue. I guess I'll wait and see. :)
+Matthew Reynolds Due to high demand, pre-orders are sold out. Keep an eye on for more info coning soon!
When will more product be made available for order?
+Brian Stein I got a tracking number (although no information yet) so you will probably get one soon.
Congrats! That's the first reported confirmation I have seen yet :)
Woo hoo can't wait until I get mine! Where its that confirmation email?
+Billy Draper you should check the +VIZIO website since I never got an e-mail but the order shows as complete and the package is in FedEx's hands.
no email for me yet, but Vizio site says shipped. mine says going by ground.
+Eric Hare what is the starting point for the shipment? trying to gauge who long it will take for delivery to Houston.
How much ram is included and is this unit dual core...
For some reason, my order status was changed to "cancelled"... No more info in my dashboard. And no way to preorder now.. I'm waiting for the CS answer, but that's quite annoying :(
+Alexis Dueymes Please contact Customer Support through online chat: or over the phone at 1-877-878-4946 so we can discuss your order with you.

+John Darnbrough We haven't announced full specs yet, keep an eye on for more info coming soon!
Awww :( still no tracking number... Still waiting...
Same here.. And my card went back to processing when I could have sworn it was already completely charged
And it's off!
Aug 15, 2012 11:17 AM Departed FedEx location BLOOMINGTON, CA
Got my tracking number now too +John OConnor ! Does yours have an estimated arrival date? I'm hoping very optimistically that I get mine for the weekend... :)
I just received my tracking number as well, when my Co-Star arrives i will do a Hangout all day to answer any questions you might have about this device.
I contacted Vizio via chat and got my fedex tracking number. it supposedly left CA this morning. fingers crossed it can get here by the weekend.
I dont know what this is, but i want it
Date/Time Activity Location Details
Aug 15, 2012 10:23 AM Departed FedEx location BLOOMINGTON,CA
Aug 14, 2012 10:20 PM Arrived at FedEx locationBLOOMINGTON,CA Aug 14, 2012 5:13 PM Picked upBLOOMINGTON, CA
Aug 14, 2012 12:23 PM Shipment information sent to FedEx
+Jason Lesko This is a Google TV device, you can access thousand of Android apps right from your TV! You can check out more about the CoStar at!
+Vizio - Announcement on VUDU inclusion?
+John OConnor Hulu+ and Vudu do not work through the Google Chrome browser and they have not yet created a compatible application for Google TV. There are alternative applications such as Netflix, Crackle, and Amazon Instant Video to name a few.
Gotcha. Thanks. So it will have VUDU when and if VUDU gets on to the GooglePlay store. Luckily, VUDU is on my TV already through VIA!
BUT, on my iOS devices, VUDU is a web-app.  So, won't I be able to go to with the Chrome browser and watch movies through there?  If so though, 1080p streaming may be in question.
+John OConnor Both Hulu and VUDU are incompatible with the Google TV Chrome browser. Till they create Google TV apps, I'm afraid they won't be accessible through the VIZIO Co-Star.
Hey, you can't have everything out of the box.  I'm still really stoked to get my hands on the Co-Star.  Thanks for the straight answers and communication.
+VIZIO Now I'm bummed out! My order is still on processing and I don't have a tracking number either! Why do you hate me so!?!?!
Oh and Firefox is reporting your site as a malicious site. Might want to look into that. +VIZIO 
Marc R
+VIZIO +VIZIO SD I am getting a malware warning from Google/Chrome when I attempt to visit your site. Would be great if you could make a post explaining what is going on.
+Billy Draper +Marc Richards Thank you. We are aware of the reports and investigating that now. We apologize about the inconvenience. 
+VIZIO  Any word on when you will be able to take more orders?
Received my confirmation and FedEx tracking number last night.  It is on its way!
+Matt Schulte We have not announced the release date of the VIZIO Co-Star at this time. When we do our fans will be the first to know. Thanks for your patience!
any idea when I can expect a pre-order placed on the 26th to ship?
+Adam Goldstone The Co-Star pre-orders have started to ship. The pre-orders will be fulfilled in the order of which they were placed. When they do ship, you will receive a tracking number via email. Thanks for your patience!
I ordered on 27 July and just got my tracking number a few minutes ago.  Funny thing is they didn't tell me who the carrier was in the I've got a number but no idea if it's UPS, USPS or FEDEX.  The Vizio website doesn't have any change to my order status yet though.
interesting, I still haven't received an e-mail. I guess shipments have gotten a little out of order . . . 
+DK Stanford If you enter your order number into Google, Google will tell you what carrier it is and give you a link to the tracking page.
I got my shipping email today!!!  Hip hip hooray!!
Yahoo!  Got my Tracker today  :)   Will the HBOgo app work with this?
I doubt it, but I know HBOGo works in the Chrome browser on Google TV.
I will give it a go when it arrives.  I tried hooking up my GNex with an MHL adapter to my HDTV and got a notice saying it was not allowed to use an HDMI cable with the app.  Sucker knew :(
Well, still waiting...What's up Vizio?? Now your site says 'Tempoarily sold out' Never got my 'email' from you concerning my pre-order.  Let's get it together guys
I wish I preordered one...... I thought who on earth would buy a Google TV device, i have plenty of time.. Boy was I wrong
Ok +VIZIO  I still don't have a tracking #, my order STILL show pending and my account has been debited.... NOT COOL!
You're lucky...I never even got THAT far...
@Billy, when was your account deducted? Today? Or a few days ago?
+Billy Draper  I brought it up because my account was just debited yesterday, received my Tracker, checked FedEx site and it has already left Bloommysomethingorother CA and is on its way to NY.  Have you contacted Vizio?
+Brie Koyanagi well, I was hoping they would answer my posts here as they did when I mentioned the issue they had with the site being reported as malicious. Its not a big deal now, I got my my tracking number, but I have to admit it was quite disappointing... kinda took some of the excitement out getting the device. I'll get over it.
+Billy Draper Please contact Customer Support at 1-877-878-4946 or through online chat: so we can look into your order for you.
+Billy Draper Hooray Vizio to the rescue!!! +VIZIO Give this man a free HDMI cord for his troubles :)  (they dont come with the co-star)
When are more going to be available?  I found out about the craze a little to late and now I want one.
I received mine and I'm sorry to say but I'm a little disappointed. First there is no actual Amazon app. The shortcut just opens a chrome windows where the amazon website loads.A big minus in my opinion. Next, even though this was not such a big surprise, the M-GO app is not yet available. Last thing I notice is that the co-star gets really hot without doing anything.
+Bogdan Mitrea I LOVE connecting new things but I am finding that my initial installation euphoria may be short lived :(  I have been hearing about these "short cuts" that basically open a browser window and you get your media from this browser.  I'm not so keen on this, I feel like I could have just hooked up a netbook to my TV instead of spending more money.  I'm getting sadder and more sad. 
Whoa wait a sec...they aren't actual apps? That is a potential deal breaker for me. I was leaning towards this for my Gtv hookup that would also cover an Amazon app, Netflix app, and some others. Hmmm maybe I will wait and see if Google puts out an improved Q that has all the stuff I want or go with something else.
+Rob Williams there are apps for Netflix and m-go( not available yet) plus what you can get from the play store. Just the amazon app it's a shortcut to the webpage.
Thanks +Bogdan Mitrea for the information. While it sounds better not having the app is crazy in this market but if those two are the only non-apps maybe I will give it a shot when and if they ever have any in stock again. Aside from those things how would you rate it for quality and overall use?
A couple of buggy issues so far, keyboard and arrow keys seem to be sending multiple key presses. Going to try and resync the remote. Not able to change the wallpaper, given the option to, but it won't change. Navigation seems a little laggy, but I'm also comparing this to my Touchpad and RAZR Maxx.
Keep the reviews coming and thanks to everyone so far, it helps.
I am returning mine to Vizio today.  The Co-Star is my first hands-on experience with Google TV and I'm wholly unimpressed both with the concept of GTV and with Vizo's implementation of it. 

First off, the remote is just plain horrible. It's uncomfortably thick.  The QWERTY pad, even with large hands, is difficult to type on.  Just one example of the lack of forethought is that numbers aren't discrete but must be accessed by holding (not just tapping, but holding) the FN key.  There is no backlight and both the regular keys and their FN alternatives are nearly impossible to see in dim light.  The button layouts aren't intuitive and even the touchpad isn't great at recognizing double-taps when you're trying to select something.

Second, the software itself crashes.  A lot.  This is likely android and not Vizio's fault, but everything you DO NOT want to see when using a consumer product is here.  I tried to set up the remote to control my TIVO and even when I was absolutely certain I had input the proper model number for my Premiere and held it within a foot of the TIVO, it wouldn't work.

As for the apps themselves, others here are correct.  Amazon Instant only opens a browser, not an app.  The Netflix interface isn't like the superior XBOX implementation but rather like the weak TIVO interface.  (So for someone like me who wanted a better Netflix app than their TiVO Premiere could offer, you'll be disappointed.)  Their DLNA app "works" but does not display meta data or graphics, so you're stuck browsing via name only.  Yes, you can probably grab PLEX from the Play store, but for my money, the ROKU does all of the same stuff without all the hassles.

As for the GTV experience itself, I just can't see why having Chrome on my TV matters anymore.  I have a Kindle Fire and it just makes so much more sense to browse on a tablet vs. a TV.   Since I don't use a cable box, and the VIZIO can't control my TIVO, I'm not seeing any benefit to the other TV-based features.  Heck, even their "TV Apps" section only points you to websites that are optimized for bigscreen displays.  It just feels less like an integrated experience but more like a series of tips on how to get your content from the web.

I'm not an Apple fan, but I'd love to see the take from a company that isn't run by engineers.  The Google guys seem to be more interested in concepts than execution.  The GTV is far, far less than the sum of its parts and, in my opinion, is never going to take off as a consumer platform.  Good for hobbyists, bad for the everyday consumer.
Valid points +John Gower but I couldn't disagree more about the platform never taking off. It only continues to improve and from what I have observed Vizio dropped the ball more than GTV but GTV is going through some growing pains. Kindle Fire works for you but the Nexus 7 is a fine example if where Android, Google, and GTV are headed in my opinion but that is what it amounts to for now...opinions. Good thoughts btw.
I agree with almost everything that +John Gower wrote. For me CO-Star is also a big disappointment for many of the aforementioned reasons. In my humble opinion a device running a full +Android  version (not the the crippled +Google TV platform)  that is decently priced and optimized for the big screen will be a better competitor for +Roku and other media streamers.
That is my dream for the re-vamped Nexus Q with a lower price also +Bogdan Mitrea if Google corrects the mistakes and puts the full Android/GTV experience on it I think it would be incredible.
+VIZIO a day late and a dollar short on the support message. Would have been nice to hear from you guys before I got my tracking number.
+Brie Koyanagi  Nothing. The posted the message to call them or chat with them after I posted my message about me getting my tracking number.
+John Gower We appreciate your feedback. In terms of your disliking for the remote, you can connect a powered USB hub to the back of the Co-Star and connect a wireless HID mouse and backlit keyboard. In terms of any software related issues, we are using the latest Google TV software available, however we will continue to develop and improve the Co-Star as updates become available. We did test .avi, .mkv, .wmv, and .mp4 files on the Play Point application and each video file shows a picture, so it's possible you may not have had the latest software update on the Co-Star.
Again, thank you for your feedback. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at or 888-849-4623. 
I appreciate VIZIO's support and comments.  I'm only trying to relate my personal feelings towards the device.  When I consider buying products to go with my TV, my chief concern is how easy those products integrate with my viewing habits.  I see the Co-Star as something of an odd cross between a HTPC and a ROKU/ATV.  I kind of knew that I could pair other devices, like wireless keyboards, with the Co-Star, but the problem for me is that when I'm sitting back on my bed (or couch) I'd rather have a bucket of popcorn in my lap than a pile of keyboards and air mice.  

As I stared at the remote, which is a necessity since you can't use it by feel, I really wondered why Vizio hadn't examined Nintendo's Wiimote and used it as inspiration for their design.  Lacking some kind of IR or Bluetooth pointing solution, they could even have looked at TIVO's bean-shaped Bluetooth remote to reduce the size of the thing to more manageable dimensions.  But, not being an engineer, maybe I ask for too much.

As for PlayPoint, I have no issues at all with file compatibility.  The concern I voiced had to do with the actual interface.  Apple, for all of the ways I loathe them, really mastered the eye-candy department with their Front Row software.  Roku, using Roksbox or PLEX, is equally flexible.  To have a large graphic and a set of text to scan through to see what movies you have on your DLNA server is really superior to browsing an alphabetical list.  File support is less of an issue in this case than is the presentation.

I do appreciate Vizio's efforts, but (and this is just one guy's opinion) I feel the underlying platform is problematic at best.  Google simply hasn't done enough with it to make it a true consumer device.  Hey, I have a lot of experience in this stuff, having used an ATV, ROKU, my own HTPC, and of course the TIVO.  I understand the love of a platform that promises to open up the world of apps to users, giving them greater flexibility.  But the unholy marriage of a wonky touchpad/pointer with iffy drivers and a remote that makes a real brick look like an ergonomic success is, well, not my cup of tea.

:)  Thanks for reading and responding to my post, however.  It is Vizio's blog, and I hope others come back and leave their own impressions, even if they refute what I have to say.  I'm perfectly willing to admit when I'm wrong.
Eric S
Does Vizio release kernel source or violate GPL ?
Mine was delivered a few hours ago. So far, I love it! It was really easy to set up, and I had it connected with my devices added within the first half hour. I was worried that my ancient cable box wouldn't be compatible, but it's working fine.

The Fn key thing is really the only minor issue I have with the remote. Just the fact that I can use a single remote is great by me. The ability to live tweet from my TV is a major plus. There are certain shows I watch, like SyFy Original Movies, where live tweeting is very much a part of the viewing experience. I'm going to wait another week or so to write an actual review, to give myself time to fully explore, but for right now, I'm very impressed with it for the price. 
+Carol Martzinek Great comment.  I'm glad it's working for you.  I wish I had a cable box that was compatible, especially since the TIVOs are not CEC compatible (yuck!).  That would make a big difference as to how well the Co-Star controlled the other devices, especially in a non-LOS (line of sight) situation.  Hope you continue to enjoy it.  I wish I was as enthusiastic, and I look forward to your full review.
Ok. I think the co-star is an improvement of the Revue. With that said here are a few complaints that should be fixed. The remote needs tweeked. I cant turn the power off to my Dish receiver or audio receiver. What the hell is up with that. UI is alot better but laggy. Amazon needs a real app.. I have a Onlive account and the controller, have to say that works great and look like console quality. Although when i try to turn off the controller it makes the app open and close in the side drawer. kinda weird. The hardware is there, you just need to show some love and keep working with software updates. I want to love this box. Don't pull a logitech revue on us.Oh and Google really needs to update the netflix and youtube apps.
Just got my CoStar delivered today at work.
Here are my first impressions.  

Setup was very difficult!  The letter keypad wasn't always responsive.  I literally had to hit somes keys 10+ times to get my desired letter to appear on screen.  I still experience this issue during normal use.
The speed increase is a welcome change over the Revue. 

I love that it is a universal remote, and I can control my Tivo Premiere.

I like that there was a software update right out of the box.

I'm very sure that I'll enjoy this much better than that Revue

+Josh Levi Google Music app is available on the CoStar.  It's just not installed by default.  Go to Google Play app and search for "music".  No quotes.  The YouTube app has an update available in Google Play.  Go there and click on My Apps in the top right corner.  You'll see it.  
One thing I would recommend - moving the power on light to a more visible spot. It's kind of hard to tell if I have it switched on or off with it at the back of the unit where everything plugs in.
Received mine yesterday (after an overly tedious Fedex "Smart" post journey) and I am still adjusting.  Onlive is rather cumbersome with the remote, Plex has playback issues with local media unlike my Roku XS did (regardless of apparent more codec and format support), as does the native Vizio DLNA/playback app.  All of my issues (which can be read from the /r/cordcutters section of Reddit) are hopefully to be addressed in future updates, and I remain hopeful.  This thing certainly has lots of sexy potential!
Marc R
Has anybody tried playing FLAC files with the DLNA app yet? Any luck? What about mkv files with DTS AUDIO?
I'm liking the idea of the CoStar, but I'm not pleased all the way.  With no warning, the remote just stopped controlling my Tivo! I believe it will get better, but I need it sooner than later.  I'm very tempted to hook-up my Logitech Revue again.

I just realized it won't even control the CoStar anymore.  I hit the V button, the Input, the Netflix button and nothing happens.  I can turn the TV off, though.
After recent update (update number 2), I am not able to see audio/video from my PS3. When I disconnect HDMI IN, I see on screen that it says "no input" so it is recognizing but not displaying anything just blank and no audio. This is frustrating :(
Hi, Vizio! Can I please talk to someone in your techsupport who is not reading of the script and know about the product? I got new and shiny #VISIOCoStar that cannot update itself and NetFlix does not work. I spent about 2 hours combined time with 3 different people online and on the phone, and they do not know the product, have to talk to "somebody else who does" and can't quite tell me what to do - once we got past soft and hard reset they are blaming connectivity - and no matter how many times I told them that I do not block ports 80 or 443 - they can't over this line in the script or provide me with IP address of the update server so I can troubleshoot connectivity from my side. Case number is 2743016, my contact information is there. Thank you!
Prabhat- Sean- Please contact Customer Support at 1-877-878-4946 or through online chat: so we can troubleshoot your issues.
George- I have reviewed your case and we do need to bypass your access points and connect directly to your modem for troubleshooting purposes. Please connect directly to your modem and if it does not resolve your issue please contact Customer Support at 1-877-878-4946.
This is George again. I cannot connect CoStar directly to the cable modem - I have static IP address assigned and I have to have something that would do NAT and firewalling for internal network. This being said - outbound traffic is not blocked (on any ports). I tried both wireless and wired connection, unit does not update itself. I connected it to Verizon MiFi unit that is also not blocking any outbound activity and got same error when I tried to do update - "SubSystem not initialized"  
Co-Star shipped on Aug 16; no movement on FedEx tracker since 21st.  FedEx now says it was lost/stolen or never actually shipped.  Called Vizio and told I have to wait DAYS before you will do anything.  Unacceptable.
George- Have you tried bypassing the network switch boxes and connected directly to the modem to see if that corrects the issue?
DK- Tracking number shows that it was received by Fed Ex Smart Post with  an estimated delivery date of 8/30.
Prabhat- The Co-Star HDMI in will support 1080p if the device you have connected only works on 1080i check other devices that use 1080p and see if they are supported if so then you will need to contact the manufacturer of the device.
Can't wait till the Co-Star become available again for order!
I finally was able to take Co-Star first to my office and after that to one of my friend's houses - connection now to 4 different networks show same result - software update shows message "sub-system not initialized". 
+George Michelson  - We'd be glad to help you on this. Can you please contact Vizio Tech Support directly by chat on or by calling 877-878-4946
My Co-star is not finding my 5g network. My Ipad found it without issue. Only the 2.4 is showing up as an option. Any thoughts?
Mike - The reason why you cannot see your 5.0Ghz network is because the Co-Star is only compatible with 2.4Ghz wireless networks.
Marc R
+VIZIO +VIZIO SD do you have an ETA for when the costar will support DTS passthru for MKV files. I know it prob wont support decoding DTS, but there is no reason it shouldn't pass it thru to my receiver...
Thanks for the info. It is working great, just need a longer HDMI for my cable box to connect.
Any information on adding widgets? The only 2 I see are weather and a clock. What about VIA? 
+Mike Watson - At this time there isn't, but there's always a possibility in the future. Thanks for your feedback!
Any updates on the " sub-system not initialized ", I am experiencing the same issue.
And also, netflix responds exec_failed, when trying to launch it. Plus there is no playpoint app?
I'm having the same Subsystem and Netflix problem as George. Netflix ...exec_fail
I had a long chat as well and was promised a replacement...right up until I let it slip, that I a in Australia: 0(.....but I kind of expected that though, which is a.shame, cause I could have recommended the device to friends etc. If it had just worked.
+George Michelson I just got through with them and they said they will send a replacement after I send the old one back. They haven't given me any RA# or address or anything yet to do all that. Haven't heard from them since early this morning. They would have sent it out if i had a credit card they could put a hold of the purchase price on until they got the old one. I don't have a credit card though. Debit cards won't do for that. I hope they get back to me with the info I need to return this one.
+Preston Lively We have you all set up. You should have an email from William. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us back at 877-878-4946 or Thanks!
I got a replacement from Amazon in two days. Hooked it up, it immediately went and did the update. And Netflix works great. Problems solved. Great little box.