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Thanks to our fans support, we sold out of the #VIZIOCoStar pre-order in the first 12 hours. We are happy to announce that we have pre-orders back up and running! 

Click here to pre-order your Co-Star now:
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Robert- We don't have plans to sell outside the US at this time, but if we plan to expand, our fans will be the first to know!
BTW, if connected to an external disk, is there anything to prevent us from d/l content from the web to the disk? Same question regarding a "Tivo" like application ... can we store streams on an external disk.
Robert- Free shipping was for a limited time only.
+Jan H. Löbel We are focusing on the American market and we are unsure if, or when, they will be available internationally.
+VIZIO  +VIZIO SD  Could you help the app developer outside US to get the unit? I know it is not sold outside US, but the app is sold in US and needs testing.
I get an error when trying to reach the pre-order page :(

(Error processing your request).
+GTVBox for more information on that, please contact us directly via chat or phone 877-878-4946, thanks.
+James Power If you're having problems trying to pre-order on, please contact us directly via chat or phone 877-878-4946, thanks.
Stefan- FedEx and UPS don't deliver to PO Boxes so we can't ship to them, I apologize for any inconveniences.
Did you already sell out again? I can't order on the website.
Sean- Pre-Orders are temporarily unavailable, check back soon, they're going fast!
I'll be frantically refreshing. Make sure to update this post so all who commented get a notification. :-)
went to order one today and noticed i cant
Just checked, pre-order is available.
+Atom Shock u playing with our emotions? I just checked and it was still sold out.
Sorry about my earlier post. Like +Bradley Albert Nemitz, I saw the link active for a moment, now it's gone. I'll stop checking. I got mine yesterday anyway. :)
anyone know of a way to watch Hulu or Vudu via google tv?
I've tried to order three times now, and each time it has failed.  I get this error when I hit place this order. FIX IT!!!

SQLSTATE[23000]: Integrity constraint violation: 1452 Cannot add or update a child row: a foreign key constraint fails (`vincmagento/enterprise_reward`, CONSTRAINT `FK_REWARD_CUSTOMER_ID` FOREIGN KEY (`customer_id`) REFERENCES `customer_entity` (`entity_id`) ON DELETE CASCADE ON UPDATE CASCADE)
Well, it took four tries to pre-order one, but I finally succeeded.
I tried two times with FireFox and twice with IE.  I tried three times with one credit card, and the final time with another credit card.  You will end up with 1.00 pending charges each time it fails.
The requested quantity for "Co-Star™ (VAP430)" is not available.
Just checked, and pre orders are still available.
Its open and you will have a dollar hold until they ship it that is when the full amount will be charged
Strange. I assume your order may be shipping very soon.
Can it play mkv files with DTS audio? In this case, I do not believe pass through would work. Does someone know?
+Nick Bossert Video playback: H.264, MP4, MKV    
Audio Features: Up to 5.1 surround sound pass-through
Miftah- At this time we have not released information on the application support for our Co-Star. When this information is announced you will be able to find it on the Co-Star page. Jason- At this time the pre-orders are temporarily unavailable, but you can sign up to be notified when the Co-Star will be available for order again.
What about word on avi playback in the future. Don't want to have to convert all my movies in order to play them through the co-star.
Hi, can you tell us exactly what processor is powering the costar?
Joseph- The full spec sheet has not been released yet, check back at later for more updates!
what is approximate shipping date for the pre-orders?
Prabhat- We haven't announced the shipping date yet, keep an eye on your email! You'll get a confirmation once it has shipped!
looks like you can't preorder again? Did I miss it?
Just keep checking. It comes and goes.
+Tim Hunter Pre-orders are currently unavailable, check back at for any updates!
+Sean Baker  Thanks regarding the video/audio support.  I did see this, however, will the co-star be able to read an MKV from a network drive (like a NAS), and if DTS audio is detected, simply pass it through to my AVR?  It's a pet-peeve of mine since my Logitech Revue will not do this.
does it have a good microphone in the remote? thx
So the scenario appears to be that we can pre-order this device, but can't know if it will support certain apps, like Citrix, or hardware, like a USB video camera.

It's a bit disappointing that Vizio cannot make available either a full spec sheet or a list of supported apps so we can get a sense of what it is we are actually pre-ordering.
+Thomas Clark We apologize that you will not be able to hook up a USB webcam to the Co-Star at launch.  There is a possibility that through an update it might be enabled at some point. Also, with over half a million applications, designed for different devices, it's unknown which applications will be compatible with the Co-Star.  We apologize for the inconvenience. Thank you for your feedback!
+Roman Kasal We apologize, but there is no microphone on the remote or Co-Star.
+Nick Bossert The Co-Star will have the ability to play MKV files from a NAS, however at this time, there are no applications that will detect and pass through DTS audio. 
Yi Wang
When is it going to be available in Canada?
+Yi Wang At this time, we're only focused on a successful launch in the US. If or when we expand, we'll be sure to let our fans know. Thank you for your support!
+VIZIO Any idea when your preorder site will have stock again? I regret not preordering one on the first day -__-
I ordered mine on the you expect to ship them in August or are you expecting a later release?
+Phillip Palomino Due to high demand, we have sold out of the Co-Star during our pre-order. Check back here for more information on availability soon. Thanks and have a great day!
+VIZIO is now charging for shipping on the PR orders though ://///. Ordered one either way but the $10 shipping was a bummer.
I believe they've been charging shipping ever since the first batch sold out.
I am glad to see the demand is high. GoogleTV has so much potential, just need mass adoption for devs to get on board. I have 2 revues, and am going to upgrade both to either the Sony or Costar. No mic on the remote and lack of specs (processor, file formats) has me on pause with Co-star...
Gotta keep up with this post. I try to post it when I see it.
Kevin M
ah crap. US only? Sony it is then i guess
Marc R
The link is now working...
Any idea when it's going to be released?
+Kevin Walker Due to high demand pre-orders for the CoStar are now sold out. Keep an eye on for more info coming soon!
can a wired or bluetooth xbox controller work with the onlive application for the co-star
No 5.1 passthrough, Android Google TV remote control app doesn't find it.

Really disappointing so far.
My Android app finds the CoStar just fine.
Neither my Nexus 7 or Galaxy S3 finds it. I'm thinking it may be because the Co-Star is connected to my network on ethernet and not wirelessly.

I get 5.1 out of my cable box but no sound unless I put it to stereo. My surround sound reports getting PCM out of the Co-Star.
I think you're right.  I have all my stuff connected to Wifi.  While the app always finds the CoStar, I don't always get the buttons to control what they should.  I have a Vizio TV, a Tivo and a CoStar.  Pushing pause on the app works, but when I push play, nothing happens.  Channel up work,s but channel down does not work.  Recall takes me to the previous channel, but pushing it again does nothing. Etc....
I'll try to hook it up wireless tomorrow. Tired of messing with it tonight.

There was a 2nd update that fixed the 5.1 passthrough. Thankfully.
I'm having some issues with using Vizio Co-Star, I had it setup correctly and was working fine.  However the next day when I turned on my TV, there's no picture but has audio on my HDMI input. Co-Star apps were working fine.  I pressed the Live TV on the Co-Star remote and still no picture but with sound.  I had to finally disconnect  the Co-Star to get my HDMI input back.  Do you know what's causing this?
+Mel Agsulid This might sound crazy, but we recommend trying a different HDMI cord, we've found that the CoStar can be a little picky with HDMI cords. Make sure it is an HDMI 1.4 (3D ready) high speed cord. If this doesn't work, please contact Technical Support at 1-877-878-4946 or!
I'd like to know when is going to actually start working. Seems to be a waste of a button on the remote right now.
+Randy W. Weeks The CoStar is still only in the pre-order phase, there will be more information on MGo coming soon!