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Need a present for the ultimate music nerd? Look no further than the VIZIO Co-Star here:
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Erich W
are you planning to sell the Vizio Co Star in stores like Target any time soon
Forget Target, how about bringing it to the UK!
+VIZIO how will the new voice search work since the co star doesn't have a microphone 
Also curious about the voice search...
Make the remote compatible with TiVo. 
I had one and I have to say I'm a hugh google fanboy and love cheap electronics but the Co-Star needs more power. I had an issue with it right out of the box being slow. Maybe I had a bad box but I'm not going to spend the money to test that out.
Add an HD tuner (Over-the-Air) and DVR capabilities and I would definitely get one.
+Brock Costley & +Scott Hendry - The Voice Search works with a 3rd party peripheral connected to the Co-Star, such as an Android phone using the Google TV remote app. Thanks!

+Brian Hurt - There was a recent update that addresses the slowness. If you still have the Co-Star please contact us for any questions or support at 888-849-4623 or 

+Denis Anderson & +Enrique De León - Thank you for your feedback. 
+VIZIO HD Tuner with DVR capabilities, does not have to have a hard drive but the capability to add you own storage (internal or external)
Any plan for the next version of Co-Star? and International expansion?
+이찬진 The CoStar is only available in the US at this time, if we plan to expand in the future our fans will be the first to know! We haven't announced information regarding the next update to the CoStar or what features it will include.
My Netflix will not connect on my Co-Star. Works on my pc, roku, iPad, etc...This seems to happen more frequently now. Any ideas?
Yeah!!! I just won one from you guys and I am so exited. Thank you, Vizio. Cannot wait to get it. Letter is off this morning.
Man I wish I had won one. I'd love to give it another try since I had such trouble with it before the update to fix the sluggishness.
Hello my +VIZIO friends!
I just bought a co-star and I was wondering, is it recommended to have it on 24/7 or just when needed? I mean, if I connect my cable tv to the co-star, it would have to be on about 8 hours a day (average, sometimes more), but I don't want it to die for overheating...
+Luis Galvan We recommend turning the CoStar off when you turn off your TV and cable box, if applicable. This helps ensure that the HDMI handshake resets correctly and prevents the CoStar from getting too hot! If you have any questions feel free to contact Technical Support at 1-877-878-4946 or!
+VIZIO After turn the CoStar off using the CoStar remote, I can not turn on it using remote so I have to plug off the power cable and re plug in. What's wrong with me?
We will be more than happy to help you with your concern. Here at VIZIO we do offer best in class technical support.
Please call our customer service department at 1-877-878-4946 for assistance with your request. -Jackson
+VIZIO I have problems with Play Music on the costar quitting with an error after 3 songs, even after the app update. All other devices I have don't have the issue. This is one feature I need to work.
same here on Pandora,it plays half the song,stops..then goes on to something else
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