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New VIZIO Co-Star update available today including enhanced Google Play experience. Search for TV & Movies across live TV and Apps. 

More info here:
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I hope it fixes my HDMI problems. Will report soon.
+Alex Abreu At this time, we have no information when we may be expanding outside of the US. If/When that information is available, we'll let our fans know. Thanks! -William
Can I use it on my Swisscom TV Motorola VIP1200E TV Set-top-box here in Switzerland? I try to setup the device in Settings, but I can't get it to work, it keeps asking me to Pause and I've never paused live video with the box before anyway. Should I try more or just give up to try to use Vizio Co-Star here in Switzerland Europe? I hope you don't hate me for buying while I was in the USA and bringing it over here to Europe.. If I can get it to work here, I'll video-blog a video-review about it on my
+Nicolas Charbonnier The CoStar hasn't been tested for use outside the US, we cannot guarantee that it will work your TV's signal type or your countries Internet protocols. We are not an international company, but if we plan to expand we'll let our fans know! -Kali
hopefully this update will make me switch from my revue.
I love Vizio, but that's hideous. Would Steve Jobs ever allow that?
+Luis Galvan At this time, the Co-Star is only available in the US. If or when we make a change, we'll be sure to let our fans know. Thanks!
I am really interested in the Co-Star. Can it be set so the app menu is at the bottom of the screen (like Revue and Sony devices)? From what I have seen, the Vizio app menu is at the left of screen... That is the only thing that is making me lean towards the Sony box as Christmas gifts.
+Casey Finch The CoStar app menu cannot be customized, we apologize for any inconveniences.
Thanks for the prompt response. It would be awesome if users could move the menu to bottom of the screen (less intrusive). However, not a deal breaker. Might be buying a couple for xmas gifts.
+Todd Neumann Root access isn't accessible on the CoStar. VIZIO respects the laws and rules that govern the ownership and use of intellectual property, and complies with the terms of the licenses granted to VIZIO by its licensors.  If you have a request related to VIZIO’s compliance with its third party licenses, please send a written request to:  Attn:  Legal Affairs – Code Compliance, VIZIO, Inc., 39 Tesla, Irvine, CA 92618.
+VIZIO When in Korea?
When the new update of 14 November is available? As LG TV.
+이찬진 - At this time the Co-Star is only sold and supported in the US. If or when that changes, we'll be sure to let our fans know. Thank you. -William
I'm consistently frustrated with my experience with the CoStar. It's basically a $100 Netflix machine. It does Netflix really well. I have to jump through hoops to get it to even play from an external hard drive, or over my local network. This update didn't help. 
How do I get the upgrade. Do I have to do it manually from my tv?
+Veronica Buckley The Co-Star should notify you of any pending updates, but you can manually check for updates as well by going to settings. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us back at or by phone at 877-878-4946. Thanks!