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Computer Programmer, Computer Hardware Expert
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Daulatpur, Barwala, Haryana, India
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Wow, Nice Firstly I want to say thanks to who have add “about me “in Mine Profile.

If you not able to understand mine English then you can copy the text and paste in Google translator. This can translate in Hindi or other Language by Google Translator?

Here is the Link


Now I am telling you about myself, it depends on you what you experience from Mine Company.


I have mentioned in mine profile that I am a white hat hacker, that’s not true. I am a graduate from Computer Applications.  Now I am working as Teacher and hardware expert at a Computer Centre.

I have mentioned that I am a white hat hacker because of I like this a lot . I am not want to forget it. Sorry for the wrong information.


Real things about Vikas Nehra:-

I am multi aimed person doing many types of work and experiments at one time. Mainly I am working on computer all the time and coding. I am thinking scientifically, technically and I believe on proved things and thoughts.

I am an emotional person who loves his family and friends a lot. I hate a lot formality in relationship and telling lie, Because of them are the two basic points easily can destroy a very old relation in two seconds. I like a lot to talk and spend time with mine loving friends and family.

About mine interests, I like research a lot. Normaly I am researching on two or four topics at the same time. these  topics can from different sectors. Mine favorite sectors are the

1.       Science

2.       Technology

3.       Human behavior

4.       History

5.       What can new innovations which change our life and our thinking and many more… 

Education, this is a nice topic. I have scored in tests 100% but in final result 33% or re- appear because of mine poor writing skill. I don’t think any company will recruit me.

I am faithfully to computer who gives me the keyboard by which I can write very neat and clean lines. Just like about myself now I have written.

I have written this type of about me because of I am trying to identify myself this is very important for me and you. If any of statement is wrong or spieling mistake please forgive me. 

If you have any comment or suggestions or telling me something other  please share  with me and thanks and welcome in advance.

I am a computer programmer and hardware and computer expert and also a teacher in a computer centre. Oh, sorry expert means I can solve most of daily problems can’t 100%.   I have done C, C++, C# and dot net and Core Java and FoxPro Programming language Basics. In computer all most of work done but chip level hardware training is remaining.

I am also a worldwide music lover and loving acting a lot.  I am always trying to cover all the topic whole time. This can discuss in simple discussion.

I can’t talk summery of anything, always tell whole the stuff just like this about me.

Serious line, please attention I am searching a simple, nice and honest person this can be she or he. All people need to share their thoughts which explore our mind. This makes us more confident.

Sorry for so so sorry a lot for long stuff.

Don’t worry I will remove unnecessary part of about me and update it with time.

Your kind of information, I telling you that I am from a village – Daulatpur , Hisar , Haryana(India).

Don’t need to see anywhere if you searching for mine contact me. Mine mobile number is: - +919813450721, and mine e-mail address is: - I check it out daily. If you have any suggestions or idea about anything of world like innovation and new changes in old system tell me.

If I like your way and you then be prepared for a long discussion because I always want to talk a lot with mine friends. They are mine power points giving me power.

I hate who are like delay in life and work. I am a open mind person ready for discussion at any time.  Sorry peoples you think that I am a silent person. All most people are saying that types of lines about me after watching mine our body look and face.


If you are interested and ready to bear mine crazy behave then you can send me friend request  or massage  .



Thanks a lot to all them who have read whole stuff and also them to persons who have read two lines.



Thanks thanks thankful


“Concentrate on you AIM daily. If you have not set your AIM yet them set it and see the magic of LIFE”

By”Vikas Nehra”













  • EIMT
    B.C.A III rd, 2009 - 2011
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August 19
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sutu nehra, bagdi
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