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Monday, VFW National Commander Stroud will visit Arlington National Cemetery to lay a wreath in honor of every man and woman who made the ultimate sacrifice in defense of our country. You can join the VFW in honoring the fallen by taking a moment and making a Memorial Day gift today.
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Friday Factoid: The U.S. Army created a giant four-legged robot in 1969 called the “walking truck.” It could lift a jeep and walk 5 MPH, but it never saw field use because the operator, who controlled each limb with one of his own, would become exhausted after just 15 minutes.
Beginnings: The Times Record – 24 July 1962 p13 From as early as 1962, the General Electric Ordinance Dept. in Pittsfield, Mass., undertook a study for the US Army which may lead to the building of a manned walking machine, with arms and legs, ….. where tractors might get stuck. The mechanism for which the …
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The VFW is here for veterans and WE CHALLENGE America to support our veterans.
Not yet a member of the VFW? We’re calling on you to join us! Stand strong with the 1.4 million members of the nation’s largest organization of combat veterans and join the VFW. Join today and receive a branch if service challenge coin as our gift to you!
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America needs a reminder of what #MemorialDay truly means. Share if you agree.
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I grew up fearing that we would have another war. I was born in 1952 at the end of the Korean War. I went on to know the trials and tribulations of the Vietnam War. I first read about Vietnam in 3rd grade in my weekly reader.I read about it, I was taught about it. I went on  to see .the Cuban Missile Crisis.My sister was 8 years older than me. She remembered and knew more than I ever knew. I knew but did not take it as serious as she did. Those that remember it knows that we stood strong and it all ended... but the Vietnam war still was struggling  in our lives.I met a young man and fell in love with him. One year out of high school, I married this young man and he and I went together to live our lives together in the beginning of our life together as man and wife. One year later, he got orders to a place that I could not go. He went to serve aboard the air craft carrier, USS Saratoga in the Westpac cruise in the West Pacific in southeast Asia. He left during the hardest times of the war, at the very end. On his birthday, Jan 28th 1973, a peace treaty was signed, Here In our hometown, every church in the community that had a church bell rang it to honor the peace treaty signing. On Feb. 13, 1973, I picked up the sailor I was married to and we went back to our home in Albany, GA, He left again, Jan 4,1974 and did not return until August 1974.Our home and the base had moved to Boca Chica Airfield, near Key West. It was there that we lived out our time for his service to our country. I stood by him, walked beside hm. cried when he wanted to cry. He left many times during our last tour of duty to serve in the North Eastern cold waters.. we left July 3, 1974, drove 18 hours straight to get home for the July 4th holiday.  We had two children later on. We lived many happy years together. Sadly in our 38th year of marriage we were divorced. I always considered myself one that served also  because I served him at home.  My heart will always be in the memory of this great nation. Might not always had what we wanted,, I heard about the Vietnam war in 3rd grade, grew up and married a man who went to that war.  In Memory of those that died and perished serving this nation. My heart will be with the families that have lost loved ones.To those still serving.. May God Bless you and your families..
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In honor of National #MilitaryAppreciation month, Basis is donating $10 for each Peak sold to the VFW! Basis Peak offers a complete look at your activity, fitness and sleep, along with 24/7 heart rate tracking, smartwatch notifications and more.  Get your Basis Peak today! Help your health. Help our Vets.
Basis - Get Fit, Sleep Better and Stress Less with the Most Advanced Health Tracker in the world.
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WOW, these are really expensive!  How about a veteran's discount for veteran purchasers in honor of military appreciation month.
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This Memorial Day, we remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country. The VFW honors those who gave all by assisting countless veterans and military families through financial grants, educational scholarships, VA claims assistance and so much more. You can help us reach out to America’s veterans and military families when they need us most by making a donation today.
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Thank you for the information. Honor and respect to fallen heros soldiers and veteran's! Memorial Day 2015. 
My father Korean War. 1950--1952. Passed away May 2012. 
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Project focus must be on completion to better serve Denver veterans
The Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States is calling on Congress and the Department of Veterans Affairs to work through a funding impasse for a new VA medical center in Aurora, Colo. If an agreement is not reached by the end of this week, VA will hit a mandatory spending cap that will force the project to shut down for the second time in six months, and with the very real possibility of never restarting.
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America’s veterans and service members embody:
: having or showing great concern for other people and little or no concern for yourself : Dedication/Devotion/Love
What does selflessness mean to you? #MilitaryAppreciation
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Today, on National Maritime Day, we recognize the role America’s merchant mariners have played in keeping America free! 
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Thank you to All Mariner's!!!
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Eight thousand miles away and nearly 70 years later, Borley and 76 other surviving flying aces were awarded the Congressional Gold Medal.
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For God and Country. This Memorial Day I pay my respects to the brave men and women that were lost in battle. To our brave soldiers who are away from home bless you. To our wonderful veterans. Bless all of you. Thank you. 
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Ryan Pitts shared with graduates what he learned from his experience in the Battle of Wanat and how he applies those lessons to everyday life.
Medal of Honor recipient Ryan Pitts shared his Battle of Wanat experience in University of New Hampshire commencement speech with important life lessons.
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Respect and honor sir. Thank you!
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"The World War I Centennial Commission will unveil a design competition next Thursday for anyone interested in transforming Pershing Park . . . into a memorial for all."
Students, architects and even amateur designers who have a vision for what the national World War I memorial should look like will get their shot this summer, according to the body charged with honoring those who served in the Great War.
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The Veterans of Foreign Wars of the U.S. is a nonprofit veterans' service organization composed of combat veterans as well as active-duty, Guard and Reservists who continue to serve in harm's way. Founded in 1899 and chartered by Congress in 1936, the VFW is the nation's largest organization of combat veterans and its oldest major veterans' organization. With nearly 1.9 million members located in more than 6,800 VFW Posts worldwide, "NO ONE DOES MORE FOR VETERANS." The VFW and its Auxiliaries are dedicated to veterans’ service, legislative advocacy, and military and community service programs worldwide. For more information or to join, visit our website at