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The relation between Baltimore drug dealers and mediæval Catalonia

In the ninth episode of the third season of HBO's series The Wire, "Slapstick", Barksdale soldiers try to kill Omar, althought they end up just shooting off Omar's grandmother's church 'crown'. Everybody gets mad, both Omar and Avon Barksdale, but not because Omar was the target (Omar's view) nor because they failed (Avon's view), but because the shooting was on a Sunday morning!

Even thieves and drug dealears (with the exception of Marlo Stanfield) have a moral code. The shooters have broken the Sunday morning truce. You are not supposed to kill anyone on a Sunday morning, even less if they are going to church, and even less if they are going with their grandma.

Now, let's change continent and go back in history one thousand years. In mediæval Western Europe there were fights everywhere, with noblemen attacking the peasants, trying to impose their power in the new feudal society. The church proclaime the Peace of God, Pax Dei, which prohibited nobles from invading churches, beating the defenseless, burning houses, and so on.

But, what has Catalonia to do with it? Well, in 1027, in the village of Toluges, County of Rosselló, Catalonia, there was one assembly, the first of many, which were called Assemblies of Peace and Truce. In this assembly it was proclaimed the Truce of God, Treuga Dei, which forbade any fights in a list of days, including holy days and, of course, Sundays.

From these Assemblies of Peace and Truce the Catalan Courts, later the Catalan Parliament, were born, being so most ancient parliamentary institution still extant in mainland Europe (Icelandic is the first in the whole contitent, 97 years older).

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Vaig trobar normal que en diumenge hi hagués un codi ètic.
Clar, perquè ets català i has mamat l'abat Oliba i la pau i la treva de Déu des de petit, però a altres llocs això no ho fan :-)
Avui estava parlant amb un noi dels EUA i el concepte aquest de fer una treva els diumenges al matí li sonava del tot aliè.
I knew there was some significance to this sunday truce even though in real life it didn't exist in baltimore. In catalonia the only reason order under the rule of council and laws were made was because warring parties had some sort of way to honor one another's safety. Ironic since Stringer wanted such order and law in the streets but would not honor the sunday truce which should have been a perquisite.
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