If you come to Catalonia (or Valencia, or the Balearic Islands), please, DON'T USE google maps. You risk getting lost.

They have "updated" the streets names, and it is like they have translated the original local Catalan names to Spanish, using a really bad automatic translator. One that even dares to translate peoples names.

It is not jus disrespectfull with Catalan speaking people, but it renders google maps unusable to anyone who doesn't speak both Spanish and Catalan, so you can understand gmaps Spanish name, translate them back to Catalan, and check them with the real street names.

Some examples. Imagine in your city you have, let's say, a "Wide Street", a "John Ford Street" and a "Hill Street". Well, in gmaps they'd appear as "Calle Ancha", "Calle Juan Fiordo" (yes, I know Ford doesn't translate as Fiordo, but neither "Josep Pla" translates as "José Placita"!!!!) and "Calle de la Colina".

Cc: +Google+ +Google +Natalie Villalobos +Vic Gundotra


Pd. Si teniu un moment, feu captures de pantalla d'exemples similars i les pujeu, amb l'etiqueta #googlecat, que es vegi que no són casos aïllats
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