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35-beta3 now on the beta program

This includes a crash fix for Android 4 devices due to a missing standard database feature which is already available in the stable release (34.2).

What has changed:

• FEATURE Tap a tab to scroll to the top in most places.
• TWEAK Improved movie discovery tab, includes in theaters/popular/digital and disc releases for the region of your selected language (like US for en-US).
A region (like GB, CA) setting will be added later.
• TWEAK Moved movie search to its own screen, now accessible from any movie tab.
• TWEAK Improved movie tablet portrait layout (also landscape on 7inch tablets).
• TWEAK Improved action button design below episodes and movies.
• TWEAK Display actual number for ratings.
• FIX Crash on some Android 4.0 devices which are missing a standard database feature introduced for search.
• FIX Search bar overlaps on small screen devices.
• FIX Ratings are rounded incorrectly on Android 6 and below.
• NOTE Latest translations from crowdin.

View the full release notes at [1].

This beta is getting released on the Google Play Beta and Amazon Live App Testing program. See [2] on how to join.

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TV Programm App Prime Guide 2.0 zum Testen (Beta) verfügbar

Tester kann man auf dieser Google Play Seite werden:

- Navigations-Schublade auf dem Startbildschirm
- Sendungen sind nach Genre farblich markiert (Legende im Menü der Übersicht)
- Detailseite von Sendungen wurde erneuert
- Schwarzes und helles Farbschema
- die Startseite der Telefone wird jetzt auch, angepasst, auf Tablets genutzt
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Radln: Eching - Günzenhausen - Ottenburg. Fotos in Ottenburg.
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Irgendjemand verbrennt hier irgendwas ^^
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The BA A380 was amazing, probably is on any airline. Enjoyed the flight home much more as a result. #io15

Oh, btw: anybody know where I can score the new Google cardboard? Did not get one at IO :( (shame on Google for that, also that not everyone fitted the keynote).

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Goodbye San Francisco! #io15 Today was extra nice weather :)
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Greatest thing from IO. Though they didn't show it in a final product. Also Project Vault. Is hardware the future of Google products?
Radar for gesture detection! #IO15

Any SG users at IO who want to meet up this morning? #io15 #shoutingintothevoid

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Last thing for today :) Material Now #io15
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