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The cheetah has lost 76% of its historical range state and has continued to be threatened by further habitat loss, competition with rival carnivores and persecution by farmers. The cheetah is listed on the IUCN Redlist as a vulnerable and are a CITES Appendix 1 species meaning they are the highest protected and endangered of species. Population estimates place between 9000 to 15,000 cheetahs remaining in Africa.
In 2012 it is estimated that there are just eight cheetah in this particular area of the Mara Triangle, Kenya.

These pictures are all photographs of the Mara Triangle, in September.
But typical for cheetahs – only one of them has survived the first three months.
Here all photos from the cheetahs

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we really need to learn to coexist, with each other and with the planet.
So bad and unlucky... I have seen one documentary on them in Animal Planet.. Really it is very hard from them to survive
Very sad story about them, love this pic, they are so beautiful
allerliebst !!!!!!!!!!!!! ♥
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