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Uttar Pradesh Vikas Party
Develop UP To Make India world Guru ! A Political Digital Movement !
Develop UP To Make India world Guru ! A Political Digital Movement !

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"The Consultants" - A group of professionally qualified and Ex Fortune 500 MNC's Micro strategic business Professionals, carrying minimum of 15 30  years practical experience & expertise in their respected filed.All of our team members have worked with leading MNC and strategically contributed to different organizations to grow them by solving day to day basis business challenges.

The same is now offered for business world. A razor sharp micro business acumen, keen to find the real responsible factors & dynamics for your business excellence. We differ from traditional Consultancy, because our approaches towards business differs. We believe that results depends on causative business dynamics & forces not activities carried out. Hence we focus to find core responsible agents for business performance i.e. analyzing invisible factors i.e. process efficiency, market dynamics, Channel & consumer dynamics etc. etc.

OUR Talent Pools Contains some of best qualified Professionals having experience with Fortune 500 MNC's like HLL,Dabur,Sony,Xerox,C-Dac,Ranbaxy,Godrej etc etc.

Today’s business environment has been changed from traditional one. Due to intrusion of several modern age innovations traditional business activities & related performance has shifted from macro platforms to micro where latent dynamics plays an important role to position your business within universe. This is what called as 4th Generation Business Challenges, where deciding a perfect micro level business course of action is really challenging task for professionals. This is the area where most of business houses / professionals / consultancy lack expertise, resulting non optimized & desired end business results.

Our brains just focuses on such micro factors for optimizations of pre decided outputs.

Our expertise area are below.

Consultancy Verticals

Strategic Business Consultancy
Strategic Branding Consulting
e Commerce,ERP / DIGITAL MKTG.
Corporate Legal Services
Global Business Consultancy
Entry To Indian Market
Mergers & Acquisitions
HR / Training & Development
Energy Auditing

Industry Verticals We Covers

FMCG Industry Consulting
Pharma / OTC / Herbal Consulting
Consumer Durables Consulting
Led Lighting Consulting
CcTv Camera Industry Consulting
Solar Industry Consulting
SME & Entrepreneurship
Service Industry Consulting

Innovations In Consulting Business Verticals - Consulting For Emerging Fields-

Along with Above Traditional Consulting Sectors, We Also Provide Consulting Services For Following Emerging Fields..

Political Consulting For Elections
A Highly Specialized Services For Political Parties Of India to Manage elections For Better Performance & To Turn Voters In Their Favor.
Image Building Consulting - For Public Figures ,Industrialist.
Corporate Astro & Vastu
We dare to differ from others, because our approach towards business challenges is unique & different. We expertise in latest tools & techniques required to analyze the challenges, to resolve it effectively. Marketing / Business illusions are examples of some such 4th generation business challenges,which affects business results greatly and most of professionals lacks micro expertise.
India's Ever First Specialized Led Lighting Strategic Business Consulting Services
Ever First Strategic Political Consulting Services For Political Parties To Manage Election Campaigns.

We take every business issue as a different & new case study, analyze it on micro level, and match it with standards norms to find deviations & if required developing innovative solutions. We don’t look at challenges with purely routine glass to avoid possibilities of less effective monotonous single & traditional solutions.

The Consultants | Business Consultant
 4th GEN. Micro Strategic Business & Marketing Consultancy
Mobile : +91-8587067685

" Lead The Market With Leaders Of Market Strategy !

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