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Lifelong Learner and Entrepreneur.
Lifelong Learner and Entrepreneur.

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ગુસ્સા સાથે ગોષ્ઠિ is the title of my second Gujarati article on my monthly column at WebGurjari. The title translates to "Seminar With Anger!"

Read it on વેબ-ગુર્જરી website: Click on this link ->

In this article, I touch upon:

👉 A real event of my encounter with anger in my childhood

👉 ABCD of Anger

👉 A SIMPLE exercise to understand the anger and identify common patterns

👉 12 common reasons of one being angry

👉 How to tame the anger

Read it here in Gujarati:

#Gujarati #Article #SelfImprovement #Anger

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For most Artists, appreciation matters more than anything else.

Artists are dreamers. Artists are leaders. Artists are doers.

Artists produce their art because they have a distinct disregard against the status quo. Often, the artists end up living a materially inferior life in their quest of traveling the untraveled road and fight the status quo. Pretty much, that defines the existence of an Artist.

Most artists cannot handle criticism calmly. When they hear criticism or when they encounter negative energy produced by anger or humiliation, their faith in themselves shake and they start producing inferior art.

But a few artists, who have really mastered the art of being intentionally calm regardless of what is happening with them, are different.

They are calm because they want to be calm not because external situation is favorable.

Seth Godin says that in connection economy everyone is an artist. Each one of us have to ship our best art everyday no matter what.
I agree with that but it pops up another question: What kind of artist am I? Do external situations affect me?

I wish I could answer "NO" to the above question but still I couldn’t. I think I've a lot to learn in the subject of Zen.

In quest of learning how to stay calm no matter what, I got to know about Leo, a painter who chooses to stay calm and lives an intentional life. Let us see what changes I can make from Leo's teaching from the below story.

QUESTION: Do you get negatively affected by external situations? Yes? This might be a good read for you.

‪#‎Zen‬ ‪#‎Wisdom‬ ‪#‎Learning‬ ‪#‎personaldevelopment‬ ‪#‎selfhelp‬

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5 startup lessons learned from Steve Jobs! #startups #sketchnotes #doodle 

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#SketchNote on #Startups inspired by @GuyKawasaki's article on @Entrepreneur: #SNDay2016

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How precise you are about what gives you immense happiness?

When we see other people doing really well in the material world, we conclude they are very happy beings and we tend to follow (and to an extent, "copy") them.

Is that the only way? Go through this short story and find out on your own:

#happiness #wisdom #career #success #hackyou

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Do you want to be happy?

Wrong question. Everyone wants to be happy, isn't it?

But happiness is subjective. It means different things to different people: building a business, winning the heart of the love of your life, finishing up the college degree or getting selected in the sports team at a country level ... all such events would bring some kind of happiness for people but will it last?

Do you need a reason to be happy? Do you need a position or an accomplishment to be happy? Do you need an external factor to be happy?

Or is there any other way?

Have a look at this short story of a small town Tea Stall Owner who is in search of Happiness to find something interesting ...

Happiness and a Small Town Tea Stall Owner – a Short Story:
‪#‎happines‬ ‪#‎shortstory‬ ‪#‎story‬ ‪#‎hackyou‬ ‪#‎life‬

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Do you know you can boost your career by leveraging an accountability partner?

It is good to have goals. It is even better to have SMART goals but still we struggle to finish them. Why?

There is a technique that can help. That is about finding and leveraging an accountability partner.


#career #opportunity #advice 

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Do you know you can make it great with an accountability partner?

What exactly is that?

Find it out about how to be more effective goal finisher with an accountability partner.

#hackyou #personaldevelopment #success #wisdom

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More: Depthless Impulse Vs. Slow Mastery

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What is one of the most common behavioural patterns of young startup founders? #startup  

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