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May 2016
Message from P'taah:

Who Are You Really?
You know, in your world you are bombarded with information. So when you desire to know more about your greater reality, more about your possibilities and probabilities to expand your consciousness, there is quite a lot of conflicting information. And so you ask, "How do I know what is true?" 
Well, you know, it is all true, somehow. Our desire is that you will take who you really are as a Perfect, Eternal Expression of Source as the framework for discernment. That is the most expanded truth that you can imagine for yourself. 
If anything presumes that you are less than the Perfect, Eternal Expression of Creation, that is not your highest truth. If there are any 'should's' or 'should not's' or 'you must do it this way or you will miss out,' this are not your highest truth. And if anything tries to coerce you based on the fear that you will somehow not be enough, this is not your highest truth. 
Because the most expanded truth of you is that there is nowhere to go. You will never be more perfect than you are at this very moment. It is only to unfold into that truth, into that knowing. 
And the only reason that you do not know it is because after your birthing, you learned fear. You birthed yourself into a collective consciousness that believes that who you are is not enough, that you are powerless, that love equals pain, that your world is not safe. By the time you were six years old, these beliefs were cast in stone and so what you are creating now is just a re-creation and re-creation of that old story. 
Our desire is only that you will come to love who you are in the knowing of this greater reality of you. That you will step back into your power and choose love and joy and the abundance of all wondrousness for yourself because you deserve it. 
You know you deserve it simply because you exist. And if you think about all the things that you have been taught, all of the old clichés--that if you do not struggle for something, it is not worth anything, that money is hard to come by, that the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Well, you know that is quite true.
Do you know why it is true? Because of the idea of lack. The idea of lack brings forth an emotional response and what is that response? "Oh. there is no money in the bank!" How does that feel? Very fearful, hmm. "I will never find the perfect lover." Very fearful. 
So the feeling that is attached to the belief in lack matches the frequency of lack. The more you are in the fear of lack, the more you draw to you the situations and peoples to reinforce that truth of lack. 
When you are in the knowing that you are an awesomely powerful God or Goddess and that you may indeed have anything that you desire simply because you exist, when you know that you create it all and you can have whatever you desire in this world, what feeling does that bring forth? Joy, expansion, excitement, fascination. So what do you think you draw to you? More of the same, hmm? 
Now, you may say that lack equates with fear and abundance equates with love, with joy. And the feelings attached to lack are very constrictive, very tight, the same as the feelings attached to fear. The feelings attached to the abundance are expansion, joy, etcetera. 
So in a way you can use money as a quantifier of what you believe and how it feels. If you are experiencing lack of money, if you are out of the flow of money, look at what you believe about it. Look at what you have heard about it from the time you were a little child and how emotional that whole issue of lack of money is and has been, hmm? Look at the strange ideas you really have about money. 
Now, think of what you are created from. What are you? Energy. What is your entire universe comprised of? Energy. What is money? Energy. So what is the difference? None. What is it that you are doing to keep yourself out of this flow, this particular flow of energy? What does it have to do with? Belief and feeling. 
If you look at somebody who has grown up with much money and who indeed makes much, much more money and you say, "Really, they don't seem to think about it very much at all. It simply IS." What does that mean? It means that it has gone from idea and belief up here (points to the head) to knowing here. (Points to the heart) 
You know that the sun comes up in the morning, even if it is covered by clouds. How do you know it? You know it because that is the way it has always been. You do not believe it. Belief is about mind. Belief is the logical, rational. You KNOW it and guess what? Because you know it, the sun does come up. 
But you are not separate from it you know, no matter what your scientists tell you. The sun comes up because you know it does. And if you know that you are indeed the Perfect Eternal Expression of Source and if you absolutely know that you deserve all wondrousness simply because you exist, guess what? It is the truth and your entire life will show you this truth. 
So we say to you again, your life shows you what you believe. And if you do not like what you are creating, then change the belief. So it is to change the knowing because a lot of the creations of your life come not from an intellectual belief but from a knowing of a supposed truth about yourselves and about your world. 
Again, you cannot change it simply by thinking it. However, when you catch yourself in an old idea, stop. When you catch yourself saying something you used to hear your mother or father or your teacher say, the old cliché, stop and say out loud to show the universe that you are really serious about this, "That is no longer my truth because I know, I know, I no longer have to struggle for money because I know I exist in the Infinite Field of Absolute Abundance." 
You see?
The two most beneficial plants -- Jupiter and Venus -- are BOTH bringing good vibes your way this week! See all that's happening in the cosmos this week here: #astrology
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Sky in late afternoon in Isle of Pines ....
New Caledonia - South Pacific
by iezalel williams
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With self-awareness we heal this moment in time by centering ourselves and finding the place of #peace, #joy, and pure #Being.
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Pure being is not firmly related to an all time over all state of peace, joy and love!
It would get a bit much boring otherwise.

I like it anyways and i dare to share it.
Thank you +Ute Panzenboeck 
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Good night my dear friend Ute Panzenboeck.
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Happy World Tarot Day everyone! There is SO much symbolism in this World card from the Cosmic deck. What do YOU think is the most important piece of symbolism here?!
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Buenas noches 😘 💜buenas tardes

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Very nice
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