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Ute Panzenboeck

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Und wie ein weißes Seidentuch sich auf mich legt, getragen von einem sanften Hauch, behutsam, zärtlich diesen Kuss vollendet...
(Jan H 09/2013)

R.I.P. my forever beloved Jan <3
You are free <3
Thank You <3
I love You <3
Thank You <3
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Very beautiful
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Ute Panzenboeck

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White Rose with Drops...
photography by Cristobal Garciaferro Rubio on
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Ute Panzenboeck

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great vibes..(: cool post.
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Ute Panzenboeck

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Ute Panzenboeck

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Nada Melhor do Que um Dia Após o Outro
E DEUS à Frente de Tudo
No Tempo de DEUS Tudo é Perfeito
- Yla Fernandes
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Ute Panzenboeck

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Ute Panzenboeck

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The spectacular stairway in the main Museum in The Vatican, Italy
Photo via Jessie Evers
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