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Ute “La Üt” Herzog
Street Photography Berlin
Street Photography Berlin


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Interview of a Street Photographer - Ute “La Üt” Herzog

Each week we feature one of our members from the Street Photographers Community, ask 10 questions, share their images and their insights.

This week we have the great pleasure to interview +Ute Herzog from Berlin in Germany.
you can check out her Street Photography Collection on G+

on instragram - Ute "LaÜt" (@la_uet) • Instagram-Fotos und -Videos

and on her website

interview by +teresa pilcher

1. Please tell us a little about yourself.. How did you get interested in street photography and how long have you been shooting this genre?

Hello! I'm Ute "LaÜt" and 51 years old. Born in the oldest city of Germany, Trier, three years ago, I spontaneously moved 450 miles away to Berlin. Berlin is extremely multicultural, lively and colorful - it was hard for me to live here without developing a great passion for street photography! At first, I did not know street photography was a genre; I simply pursued my passion and my excitement grew. I see pictures everywhere and have become much more attentive to my surroundings than I was before. I also get to know many interesting people! Street photography is now like a drug for me and I cannot see myself living without it anymore. I rarely go leave my apartment without my camera.

2. Do you have a camera or lens of choice?

My favorite equipment is my Sony Alpha 7r2 with a little 35mm f2.8 Sony Zeiss lens on it. Both are so small that I appear like a non-professional or a tourist, which is great for street photography. No one usually minds me.

3. How often do you shoot at Street?

I usually go out to explore once or twice a week.

4. Do you shoot any other genres?

I also shoot street portraiture, business photography, and rarely weddings (only for people I really like ;-).

5. Are there any photographers who have inspired you?

As someone who loves to live creativity, rather than watching others, I do not really know many other photographers. However, I'm active on Instagram and here on G +, and there are quite a few photographers that I really like. For the first time this year, I was in two exhibitions by two great photographers: Joel Meyerowitz and Irving Penn. I could really identify with their style and if I had known either of them before, I would say that they impressed me a lot!

6. When you process your images, do you have a preferred editing system?

I use Photoshop and Lightroom.

7. Is there any advice you would give to beginner Street Photographers?

Practice, practice and never despair! Good work demands time, and it keeps getting better! Be open, smile often, and be fearless! So far, I have not shot anyone who was angry with me, thank God! :) Get to know your camera better. It's also better to only take one lens with you. This way you don't have to constantly think about whether another would be better and having less weight to carry around with you is also much more enjoyable. Have fun! If someone asks you why you are taking a photo of him, tell him that you felt so much joy in this moment that you absolutely had to capture it with your camera.

8. Are you formally trained or self-taught?

I am self-taught.

9. Why do you shoot Street?

I am addicted to street photography. Nothing makes me feel more alive. It's thrilling not to know what appears in front of me when I go out. Most of the time, I get to meet really cool, new people, and chances are good that I would have NEVER talked to them in "normal life." It fulfills me and makes me really happy!

10. Three words that best describes your style....

Authentic, passionate, some kind of crazy ;)
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