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Join the the biggest and most active Community of the good, old Unreal Tournament (UT99)!
Join the the biggest and most active Community of the good, old Unreal Tournament (UT99)!

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The 2016 3072uu Mapping contest started today!

Participate and win a Korean edition big box UT or the official Unreal strategy guide (the winner can pick the price)!

Contest time: From October 5th to November 10th.

More information on

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Epic Games reveals new "free" Unreal Tournament! What do you think about it? :) Discuss it with us:

Hope you had a good start to 2014!

The UT Community had one for sure: "Most users ever online [simultaneously] was 166 on Sun Dec 08, 2013 3:27 pm".
Just one week before, Unreal Tournament turned 14. We are looking forward to the next 14 years. ;)

TL;DR: Long live UT!

Good news: The UT community is strong and healthy!

Nice traffic boost at this year... found out it came partially from an article at linking to Last year from 1st January 2012 to 21th June 2012 we got ~26.000 Unique Visitors. In the same time this year, we got over 33.000 Unique Visitors. An increase of over 25%!

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The UT Community is growing! Read the news, including statistics. :)

Good news: The UT99 Community is growing!

Between 24. Jan and 26. Jan 2012, we just had the most users ever online on with a total of 1473!
The last 6 months, the community experienced a visitor growth of 30%, which is a very good sign for a 12 years old game. Keep it up that way!

Long live UT!

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Do you already know Feralidragon? Have a look at his cool contributions to the UT Community at !

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Enhanced pickup system for UT99 - Visit for more information.
UTR Pickup System "UT3099" (7 Fotos)
7 Photos - View album

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Screenshots of the maps of the CMP2 - Did you already try it out? Visit for more information!
PhotoPhotoPhotoPhotoPhoto Community Map Pack 2
13 Photos - View album

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Unreal Tournament (2 Fotos)
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