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USS Zavala NCC-100101 (SFI)
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Congradulations LCDR Todd on passing the Flag Officer's School exam!

LCDR Luther Todd (72937),
You have received a grade of PASS for FOS 101 - Introduction to FOS from the IOLS - Flag Officers School (IOLS-FOS) completed on May 10, 2016. Please keep this email for your records, and contact me if you have any questions. An electronic certificate will be emailed to you under separate cover.
Good luck on your future courses,
VADM Paul Dyl
IOLS - Flag Officers School (IOLS-FOS) Director
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Less than 10 minutes left for Mercury to transit the Sun. Are you watching?
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Too Cloudy to see the Mercury Transit today? Join up with Slooh Space for Everyone and see the transit with their robotic telescope.
Eta Aquariids from Weathernews Watch the Eta Aquariid Meteor Shower LIVE from New Zealand, courtesy of our partners at Weathernews on May 6th. Watch HERE. Slooh Captures 67P's Trail Learn all about how Slooh Members have managed to image comet 67P's long trail - the piece that causes meteor ...
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I want to congratulate Wendy Weston​ and Luther Todd​ on both passing the OCC with Honors!
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Summit is not as far as you think. Get your memberships now while they are still cheap. Hope to see you there!

Summit 2015 - Powered by Eventzilla
Welcome to STARFLEET Region 3's 2015 Summit Royale! Held at the Holiday Inn San Antonio Airport hotel, May 15-17, 2015. Please contact the hotel (1 800 315 2621 or Holiday Inn San Antonio) and use the registration code "###" to secure our special room rates ($95 per night).
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Congratulations to both crews of the Pedernales and the Black Elk! It is official, you currently have your shuttles registered and are now activated. :) See below.

FCAPT Penelope McFadin
Zone 3 Leader Region 3 SFI

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: ADM Robert Westfall <>
Date: Wed, Dec 17, 2014 at 8:05 PM
Subject: [SFI-l] Two New Shuttles Launched
To: The STARFLEET Official Business Discussion List <>

By order of STARFLEET Command, as Chief of Operations, effective 17 December
2014, I hereby approve the following Shuttlecraft for service aboard the USS
Zavala (R03):

Shuttlecraft Pedernales NCC-100101/01 in Conroe, TX (USA)

Shuttlecraft Black Elk NCC-100101/02 in Gallatin, TN (USA)

On behalf of STARFLEET Operations, I welcome these stalwart crews to the
Fleet and with them good luck and Godspeed on their STARFLEET journey.

Given by my hand and the seal of STARFLEET Command on Stardate: 11412.17


- - - - -

Admiral Robert Westfall

Chief of Operations, STARFLEET (

Commanding, ISS Katana BB-77003

Phone: 888-SFI-TREK x703

E-mail: <> & <>
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Sir Patrick Stewart will be on Wait Wait Don't Tell Me today!
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Happy Black hole Friday!
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So if you missed the Mercury Transit this past Monday, here's a Youtube video of it from the SDO.
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Summit 2015 is now open for registrations. Last year we had a blast, make your reservation asap!
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Owlcon registration starts in a couple of days. The Steampunk Texas LARP I'm running is going to be Friday Night, February 6, 2015 at Sewell Hall, at Rice University. As always we need more volunteers to help with set up et. al. Let me know if you are interested.

OwlCon - Full Event Listing
Description: Mr. Moody now owns Galveston, lock stock and barrel. Nothing on the island happens without his divine approval. The man holds reign over everyone and everything here, and they say not even the tide comes in without his approval. To celebrate his success, Mr. Moody is holding a party ...
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We are a chapter of STARFLEET INTERNATIONAL in Houston, Texas
Welcome to Starfleet Region 3's best ship, the USS Zavala NCC - 100101

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STARFLEET is the oldest continuously operating Star Trek Fan Organization in the world. Founded back in 1974, when there were only 79 original live-action Star Trek episodes and no movies yet, STARFLEET has grown over the years to thousands of members. We’re all about having fun, making friends, and keeping the ideals of Star Trek alive and healthy into the future.