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Storage Unit Insurance: Worth it or not?

You've already mapped out how big of a self storage unit you'll need. You've decided that you're going to need climate control and 24-hour access. BUT have you thought about insurance?

Many facilities require their tenants to have some type of insurance before they can use a unit, but it's up to you to decide what type of coverage you'll need. You can work with your current homeowner's insurance policy to extend it to cover your unit, or you can get a policy directly from a self storage facility, an increasingly popular choice.

Learn about how much you'll need to budget and how to get renter's insurance by checking out the rest of the blog post!

#selfstorage #storage #storageinsurance #rentersinsurance
Do you have insurance for your self storage unit? Read here to find out if it's worth it or not.
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How to Keep Your Storage Unit from Being on Storage Wars

We're always down to catch a mini-marathon of Storage Wars on a lazy Sunday. But we wouldn't be so pumped if one of our personal units showed up for Dave and Darrell to bid on. YUUUP, that would stink!

Luckily, storage facilities have a lot of features to help you keep your tab paid on time. Many offer text message or email reminders a couple of days before your payment is due. And others allow you to set up auto-pay, so that you won't have to worry about paying on time or late fees.

For more information on payment and average unit cost, check out the rest of the blog post here:
#StorageWars #selfstorage #selfstoragetips
The last thing you want is to lose your belongings because you were evicted from your storage unit. Here are some tips to avoid being on Storage Wars.
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Store a Washer and Dryer While Moving

Moving requires a lot of planning. You need to find time to pack and people to help you move your things. And if you're moving appliances, especially a washer and dryer, it takes even more time. 

Because it's always in contact with water, soaps, and other residue, washers require a lot of prep time before moving. First, you should run it empty with bleach or vinegar to give it a good clean. Then, you need to let it fully dry (We recommend to leave it open and unused for 12-24 days). The dryer doesn't require as much effort, so just be sure to clean out lint and debris.

Check out the rest of the blog to learn how to properly transport and store these appliances if you won't need them right away in your new place!

#selfstorage   #storagetips   #moving   #movingtips   #washer   #dryer  
Need to store a washer and dryer while you move? A self storage unit should do the trick!
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Avoid Neighborhood Covenants with Boat and RV Storage

RVs and boats are great for outdoor recreation, but it can be quite the chore finding a place to keep them between uses. If you live in a neighborhood where the covenant doesn't allow you to keep your boat or RV in your driveway, self storage could be a worthwhile alternative.

Depending on how long you'll be keeping your recreational vehicles in storage and the weather in your region, you may want to find covered parking or indoor storage over outdoor storage for your boat or RV. While covered and indoor storage spaces do come at a higher cost, they're worth it when it comes to preventing damage.

Learn more about the types of boat and RV storage and how you can protect your vehicles.
#selfstorage   #storagetips   #RVstorage   #boatstorage  
Looking for boat and RV storage so you don't get fined by your neighborhood? Self storage can help!
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5 Items That Need Extra Care When Moving

Whether you're using a moving company or moving items out of your home yourself, certain belongings will require extra care. Be sure when you're moving items to a storage unit or to your new home that you take the necessary precautions to get items commonly broken when moving to their destination safely.

Obviously, breakable and delicate items like glass, china, and antiques will require careful moving, but so will heavier items like furniture, which could be prone to scratches or dents if carelessly moved. Electronics could also be easily damaged during the moving process and would be extremely expensive to replace, as would pieces of art that are meaningful or original.
Try these tips from our blog:

#selfstorage   #storagetips   #moving   #movingtips  
Electronics, china, and artwork are all common items that break during moving. See our tips for avoiding damage.
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Worried About Theft? Storage Security Can Help

When storing expensive or sentimental items, you want to know your belongings are safe from theft. Investing in additional security features can be worth the peace of mind, even if these features come at a higher price.

Many storage facilities have an on-site or resident manager to monitor the premises during business hours, or even 24 hours a day. Some facilities also require access codes or gated access that prevents just anyone from entering. And in case someone does happen to somehow make it past security, alarmed units and video surveillance can help pinpoint an intruder.

Learn more about why you might want to consider investing in additional security features on our latest blog:

#selfstorage   #storagetips   #theft   #security  
If you're worried about the safety of your items in self storage, look for a facility with storage security like video surveillance and alarmed units.
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8 Questions to Ask When Renting Self Storage

Thinking about renting storage for the first time, but don't know where to start? We've got you covered. These are the questions you need to ask and have answered before you sign that storage lease.

One of the biggest questions you need to answer is how often you'll need to access your unit. If you're storing seasonal clothes and equipment, a storage unit that has normal business hours could be right for you. But if you're remodeling, moving, or work irregular hours, you'll need to find a facility that offers extended or 24-hour access.

Read more about what to ask before leasing on the blog post. Happy storing!

#questionsaboutselfstorage #selfstorage #storageadvice
Are you in the market for self storage? Here are some questions that first-time renters ought to ask before selecting a storage facility.
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Store Winter Clothing in Self Storage

The weather's warming up, grass is getting greener, and you've got a closet full of winter gear. What are you going to do with all of that stuff? Hint: It rhymes with self storage.

One of the most important things to do when putting your winter gear into self storage is to wash it. Over the winter, sweat, snow, and salt get on your clothes, and not cleaning it off could damage the materials. And like any other unwashed clothes, they'll start to smell.

See more winter clothing storage tips in today's blog post.

#selfstorage #storagetips
Looking for a place to store winter clothing? A self storage unit is the perfect way to keep your seasonal clothes in good condition but out of your way.
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Finding a Storage Unit During the Busy Spring Season

Spring is busy season for self storage facilities. Between people moving, students leaving the dorms, and spring cleaning, it can be hard to come by a self storage facility.

Before you invest in a self storage unit, be sure to do some planning. Ask yourself how long you'll need the unit, how much stuff you need to store, and how often you'll need access to your gear. If you're using a unit to store things for a move, it may be worth it to spend a little extra to rent a unit nearer to you, so that you don't have to drive across town with every carload.

See more tips on finding a storage unit that's right for you needs this spring.

#selfstorage   #springcleaning   #storagetips   #moving  
Spring is the busiest season for the self storage industry. Here are some tips for using self storage in the spring.
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Moving Into An Upper-Level Storage Unit

Drive-up access is convenient and essential if you're storing a vehicle or several items that require heavy-lifting. But if you're only storing a few lighter items that can easily go up and down stairs or elevators, choosing an upper-level storage unit is an option that could help you save money.

Upper-level units won't make sense for everyone, so tour the facility before renting and see if those particular levels lend themselves to easy transportation of items. Renting an upper-level unit could even provide additional protection against unwanted visitors for free!
Learn more about renting an upper-level self storage unit on our blog:
#selfstorage #storagetips #storageunit #moving  
Better security and more affordable rates are just two of the benefits of renting an upper-level storage unit, as opposed to a ground-level unit.
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Reclaim a Guest Bedroom with Self Storage

Whether you live in an apartment or house, it's often easy to let your extra bedroom quickly become a storage room for junk and miscellaneous belongings. But what happens when a guest pays you a visit? Make your guest bedroom ready for friends and family by placing those extra belongings in self storage.

Start by separating items in the room, and consider which ones you use frequently. Any belongings that you rarely or never need can be placed in a storage unit. Once you've decided what needs to be stored, you'll be able to determine what size of unit you need and whether to invest in a unit with additional security or climate control.
Use the rest of the tips on our blog to reclaim your guest bedroom:

#selfstorage   #bedroom   #storagetips   #homeorganization  
Need to reclaim a guest bedroom at home? Move items you don't need to self storage to get more space!
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Did You Know There Are Storage Unit Sizes Smaller Than a 5x5?

While 5x5 storage units are typically the smallest size that storage facilities offer to renters, some do have 3x5 units or smaller.
Depending on what you're storing, you may not need a lot of space for your belongings, and you can save money by renting smaller. Obviously, most pieces of furniture and other large items will not fit in this size of a storage unit, but people storing out-of-season clothes or smaller items may want something around this size.

See what else you can fit in a small storage unit on our blog:

#selfstorage   #storagetips   #storageunit  
Ever wondered if there are storage unit sizes smaller than the standard 5x5? They're rare, but they exist at some facilities.
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