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Do you have any silver coins? Bring them in our offices in Emeryville, CA and we can evaluate the value for you!

Remember when purchasing stamps that some stamps could be expertly restored, regum, or repaired. Make sure you get the right information about stamps, or if you are not sure, consult an expert!!

Keep in mind when selling your collection: No matter how many rare stamps you have in excellent condition, you won’t get a good price for it if it isn't highly sought after by stamp collectors.

We buy, sell, and appraise your stamps, coins, and all collectibles! Call us Today 800-509-8682 to get an evaluation!

Remember, the condition of the backside of stamps can vastly affect their value. The terms we use for identifying the stamp's condition are: Mint Never Hinged (MNH), Lightly Hinged (L.H.) Original Gum (O.G.), or No Gum.

If you are looking to preserve the value of your used stamps, keep in mind that it is better to leave a stamp on the envelope rather than soaking it off. Sometimes the content of the envelope can be valuable rather than just having the used stamp separate.

Hello fellow stamp collectors! Remember, just because a stamp comes with a certificate doesn't always mean that it is authentic. Things to ask for when buying or bidding for a stamp with a certificate:

Where was the certificate issued?
What does the certificate state regarding the condition of the stamp?

Always ask the seller to send a copy of the certificate.

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In case you were wondering how stamp collecting got its beginning, John Edward Gray, a British zoologist, purchased a number of Penny Black stamps on the day it was issued, May 1, 1840. He intended on saving these stamps. Technically, he is the world's first stamp collector. Source:

Remember...The sorting of your stamp collection is really important when looking to get it appraised.  Different methods include using either albums or stock books. Organizing according to themes or countries in alphabetic or chronological order. 

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