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here is a quick guide on the many ways to get in touch with us. whatever you need there is a way to grab our attention
There are loads of ways to get in touch with us and we are keen to hear from you. Whatever it is you need there is a way to grab our attention. All listings on USPlaces are completely free of … Continue reading →
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To whom it may concern I very disappointed in the unprofessional way that Goodman handle they hire i received a call from Macon Cauthen offering me a job and during the conversation i told him before we go any futher with the process that i have a felony which is between 10-13 so he said he will check with his boss and get back with me he returned me call & said his boss said it would be fine but as the months passed after i signed & accepted the job Macon started to ignore my emails & phone calls until i had to get another recruiter to put me through to him that's when he told me they couldn't give me the job after almost a month of waiting he wasn't man or professional enough to contact me I had to chase him down for them to tell me i couldn't work for them because of a felony that is over 7 years old for delivery of a control substance i sold drugs i need my time paid my debt to society & still companies like this still won't give me a chance AND THEY WONNDER WHY PEOPLE LIKE US SELL DRUGS BECAUSE COMPANIES LIKE THEM DON'T GIVE US A CHANCE THEY KNOCK US DOWN BEFORE THEY EVEN SEE IF WE'RE WORTH THE TIME OF DAY AND THIS REALLY HURT ME BECAUSE MY MOM WAS SO PROUD OF ME GETTING THE JOB ONLY 3 MINUTES FROM HER HOUSE SO THANK YOU GOODMAN MFG. FOR BEING LIKE THE REST OF THE COMPANIES AND NOT GIVEN PEOPLE SECOND CHANCES GOD CAN FORGIVE WHY CAN'T MAN ???????
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Welcome to our brand new business directory website.
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Who. Is. This
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US business directory website
Introduction provides its users with immediate access to the most up to date places information for the US and the site is optimized to work with the leading search engines. As well as up to date business information, also provides other local information, such as places of interest and places to go, as well as the ability to easily find a more suitable business.
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