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Summer starts! Today Show Concert. I'll be looking 4 you
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I wanna go but I doubt it I would live to though 
USHER!!! I Love Justin Bieber!!! U rock also! (:
wooooooooo usher!!!!!!
Hello Usher, has a great presentation!
ikr and i love hym mostest!!! lol
Tim Lee
Your face here. wow
kejauhan bang. . . .nda bsa Liat konserx. . .hehee
this guy's creepy saying" i'll be looking 4 u" wat u going to to do go in a random crowd and tell each person" i've be waiting 4 u"
chẳng hiểu cái này để làm cái gì
day la buổi trình diễn của usher nay
Usher is one of the worst artists ever. He is just above Justin Bebber. Both are preend hip hop and rap artists!
+Rob Miller First off usher's R&B. second it'a BIEBER if you're going to insult someone at least spell their name right.
Thats what i call a cool celebrity
When will you be coming to Ghana??????????????I love u USHER!!!!!!!!!1
Dude no one cares quit writing that!!! 
Me and y friend Chloe loves u usher ur amazing :) 
Adi is not my name but okay good but it was annoying : 
+Terrie Person U're freaking me out dude
yeah men.... he got all that it take.. cant wait to get to see you some day man.. just keep doin ya thing bro
+Hannah Belmonti take it easy i think she's not in a normal mood
Love Usher can't wait to see u live this morning.So do what u do best.
watching you on the Today Show with Matt Lauer about to do Climax
hey usha usha! thanks for inviting me to the party last night! had alot of fun with you and beyonce!
O yeah, that green is hot on you. Gone head get your grown man look on.
Good look on u...I think u n my hubby look alike n some ways
By the way u do "IT"for me a male artists Lol
i will watch this be cuz I am the fan of Usher...
omg! i have been in love with u since i was like 6. I wish i cld go to one of ur conserts!
You did really good on the today show this morning.... I loved it...
hey usher my name is maria ceja i have a cousinn amed rosa segura and we really love your music. we would love for you to come to our quinceanera on july 14. i maria ceja would love to have you their, after all i've always have wanted to meet you. I am 14 right now i work to help my parents, life is really though this ddays so if we wanna survive out here we outta try. Please send me an email responding to this @ thank you so much and i hope you respond love your fans mariaceja and rosa segura.
can u give me a chan and som shades i need them plz i live on rodeo 4132 ok and i need a lether geket im 10 yearys old thnx
so little kids stuff give more Usher I know u have moer than that
i love you so so much i want to see you but ive got to much on like street dancing i do but its to much work <3
I love your songs, you rock, keep it going! ^__^
i love you usher your music is........ fantastic raucous...... and much things
Am so much in luv with ur music usher, i wish to be there but i can't, bcos am in Nig. 
i wish i can go to but i am 12 years old.
I want to go to New York City during the summer just to see Usher perform live and plus its free!
one of my dream is to be with Usher! the musician who inspires me pleasure, I do not know when I'll see you, I love it.
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