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I'm a consumer of culture and love mixing styles and inspirations, both in my music and my style.
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that's cool man because he music you writing make's people feel what you saying so really stick with and keep up the good work
And one more thing song climax and moving mountains you did wonderful man for really i understand where you coming from
have you heared of JB if you have tell him to make an account in Google!!!!!!
Add me guys
if he did i would be on the computer for the rest of my life on his page saying how awesome he is
dont you think that usher shold be with us live?
Im nt a hater she said imna stalker so get it right mate
S. Pink
I Love Your Style Usher!
No everyone add me pls
its okay trinity i saw a movie about cyber bullying i dont want any thing to happen like that!
Well i dont cyba bully i wast tellin sorry
I need to think before i speak lolz
Lol im crazy i need to getta grip
i know lanecia i cried in that part!
Yea ill delete ma messages soz
Indeed you definitely do I remember you from since you're a teenager and you've really updated and upgraded and I'm really proud of your success love your evolution through the decade👌
Guess what I really want "MORE"!! 😝😉💋
u know how emily osment was all young in Hannah Montana and she was a good gurl! now she sayin' all that ya know words!
yepp 100% true yor status. Thats right you know how to mixing style and Inspiration in Fashion & your music videos thats IIncredible. We glade & happy that just only one Usher Exist. Thx alot and hopee see you soon in Germany greets
That's why so many people admire you...diversity with a cocktail of cultures, which in turn renders you unique.
Love u usher your the best! Carry on with your songs can't wait until a new one comes out!..:) xxxx <3<3<3<3
will u be my friend i do not have eney
i am so lonely without friends plz be mine
i love your song lemme see feat rick ross. dat beat is sick
like your song scream!! wait is that by u?? well if not whoever it is like that song a lot!!
whujain well you ghyaje :D kiloehay goleia 
the best recipes are made of observation and communication
Issu R.
urr body looks soo tiny!
Issu R.
but yes true true

very true
Keep up the good work and you with continue to reap your blessings.
GREAT! what's the next song for radio play ? i think it should be TWISTED or CAN"T STOP WONT STOP dance song should be next
sorry for your loss , im a big fan , thanks for ya music , peace bro,
u and your music AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
omg nice skiny jeans and glasses lol! but i thaght u were a teenager but my brother told me u rlike in ur 40s is that true?
i really really don't like you but my mother has all of your CDs.
Amazing but 9i have read somewhere the singers and artist are the true ambassador of the culture and nation. If they are mixing then how they can represent their own to others.
more beautiful you my life! love you very much
does that look like Usher!!!!!!!
yeah i thought so
be ghole pitbull yeooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
i totally love your swag in this video , the way you move your head i think lemme see is sexy
Katy C.
Love the sunglasses 
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