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Label-mates Miguel and Usher reunited at Coachella 2011.
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nice photo Usher :)
Omg usher! U are sooooooooo good looking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
thank you for sharing the photo, have a wonderful summer!
eh song usher e climax loko.......likelike.....
ya i luv usher i wish i could marry him... he is so hot....
yo those glasses are crazilly sik
Miguel looking like a throw back lil Richard!!! tee hee!!
ya he is pretty awesome... i luv him to death... i wish i could see him in real life....
he is a hot sexy boy... not just talented
d0pe pic usher d0pe n i c dat sun glass it bl0wing
Usher i like ur style of life. I'm up coming artist can i be ur guy for music
Usher i like ur style of life. I'm up coming artist can i be ur guy for music. Pls cal me if u care cause i will make u proud +2347033247217
Usher i like ur style of life. I'm up coming artist can i be ur guy for music. Pls cal me if u care cause i will make u proud +2347033247217
usher fine but whi the is the other guy ????????????? hes not good looking at all not to mean
miguel he got a funny shaped head but he can sing
make a song togetherrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
u want me to make you a hitmaker beat tell me when u ready
User i will love all your song.. Always!
Good luck.. Always !!
hey usher i dont know if you know lil wayne by chance but i want to know if he is dead or not its a rumor going around my school if you would let me know that would be great
U guyz are gonna do a song together??? Y dont u do one with Jason Derulo a perfect match.
you are sooo cute usher!
omgoshh its migeul, he so cute!! <3
just go on boys.........
I like usher he's cool
Usher am tupac back in life cme get me motherfocka am in nigeria
i luv your music!!!!!!!!!!! I luv u Usher

cy ward
yall know he doesnt really look on his posts but who cares? YOUR AWSOME USHER!!!!!!
IiI freakin love you Usher and I would never do able to love without your music 
my mom loves you which i do too shesaid she wish she was tht girl on ur video climax
am your number 1 fan usher.your songz are magnificent and mind blowing.i'll love to be on your record label,am a talentd artist looking for an opportunity to show the world wat am made friendz call me ushersam,cuz i look like you nd sings great,am a nigerian will love 2 be d first african on your label.tanx as you consider ma request 
follow us usher!!!!!!!!
when you go to Mozambique bring to my people love
Hahahahahah u look good well i hope i can meet u someday but that will never happen unless if u go on the Ellen show and invite me with u hahahahahaha well good luck and if u r at a concert try to name my name daniel sand cool well hope u answer to me ;0 thank u for ur time mr usher
can u guys do me a favor please.... by clickin the like button on our fan page helps us get noticed... I would def like tah do a song wit eitha one of these artist Usher or Miguel
Yall boyz look tore up! Where yall comin' from lookin' like that!? That can't be MY Usher............Miguel, I've always been concerned.
Cool,you guys have nice songs
OMG usher ur ssssssssssssssssssssssssooooooooooooooooo hot
well duhhh keisha he's USHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Would love to sing with you:)!
I look awesoooommmmmmmmme together!!!
i love yo climax!!!!!!!!! its the real shit bo :)
omg i love miguels music but y isnt he cute anymore and wht happened to usher
you guys look great , looking forward to a song with both on there. and are you looking for any new and ready extremely talented female artist .. if so i am more than available and i write and dance and can make sales and money....c.r.e.a.m is my motto. Ino its a long stretch to see if you can help me but i can only try, life to short not too.
Hi, what beaultful baby.
Hey Usher it's Bethany I'm married now but you can still perform for us in the near future at our Big Party were throwing w'ell let you know when Que Darling Love Ya!
Hey guys glad to see a couple of my favorite artist together take care.n Need some performing dates also ....
Hey how is my favorite artist's doing. I hope i don't have to get married to see you now. LOL !!!!
King Usher dats all I gotta say,u just neva dissapoint man u always on point I live in south africa nd I mst say ur tracks make magic in our country,my wish is making a track wit u,so every nyt I still pray for that dream to come true,but either way ima keep on pushing nd working hard on my music mabye one day u will be listening to one of my hits that side. Keep giving us good music God bless. 
Great! photo you guys. I'm proud of the both you
Omigosh Hi Usher!! I <3 You Soooo Much And I Think Your A Epic Singer!! And I <3 Your New Song :)
isnt ths hair cut abit funny
nice comment i know what you mean they are sexy (: (: ....
Shut it errin engle usher rules right homies
Omg miguel is so fly i rate him a 10
yo u mind coming down to the ATL soon????
Usher, you handsome boy... Please call me at +27842162954. I'm from South Africa. I'll be waitin for your call. #winx#
I true luv usher as my best musicer in d world
miguel looks mad and usher need a hair cut
I AM THE BIGGEST FAN TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am the Biggest Fan TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
if thats miguel he looks like crap in this pic
I love you guy. You can contact me via 07033247217
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