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Just pop ya collar!
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U look like Dracula... put ur collar down plz n thank u
Not just nice. Hell ya SEXY! I love u usher
:) Usher, thank you for Finding Justin Bieber. I will love you forever.
Love, Courtney
uh, Wolverine & the X-Men called - He'd like his jacket back.
u are not hot don't lit that girl foll you
tht shit is crazy u guys lovin someone tht is nvr gonna tlk to u anyways forreal grow the hell up
u guys love usher but he will never have anything to do wit u
Ohh I hears thT song in 2011 it's cuz I'm my mom loves Romeo Nd I'm Dominican so is Romeo 
Ohhhhhhhhh yea Dominicans rock u should add me 
Who u say u randomly love PPLE
Right I just didn't want to say it myself!!
I need haircut or someone else!!???????
Mad Max style super jacket !!!
the usher,s head is fully clean like a cricket ground n u need a hair cut from them?
is justin bieber really going out with that girl
i dont no why he wud date her though selena isnt good enough
hes cheatin on her with my sister
Jb is so old now but he and Selena ugh ugh
Damn!!!! You look like a super hero ready for action
my friend love usher and she alway love music
I did it again so im goin beat mode lol finished the song for u
I need to lose weight, to wear that dress!
Usher est de retour!! <3
practicing my french
Maral K
AWESOME!!!! go USHER!!!!!
usher usher cool
Ur an amazing dancer && singer:) I love your music!! Especially your coming home album
i love u usher u r so hot and i love your songs <3 :)
Raymond yeah u rock man>climax does it 4 me#@teamno1fan
Cool jacket Looks Like a biker jacket
Oh my gosh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh my gods oh you got it all sexy from your head to tow.... Lol
Looking kwl,i knw ur a busy man usher bt pls gv me chance to show ma talent to the hole world im frm south africa,was at ur hansa concert it was off da hook specialy da after party so pls gv me a try 27790150856
OMG I love you Usher you have the same birthday as me
That weird how u hav the sam b day as him
Nice outfit reminds me of MJ 
mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm... coolllllllllllll...........
Like the new look its so fab... big up to dat
For the cooler side of me, my collar is always pop-pin!
you where born to entertaine love raymond
I like your attitude

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