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Hey girl, I'm debating if I should take you home. Should I take you home?
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lmao, maybe that's why that stalker got the wrong idea. ha ha ha.
i like his songs not his body ,mind ur language ppls ^ preston
I like Usher, but not like that haha :)
Usher ur so old. Just give it up already grandpa
You kno you're wrong for doing that... of course all the females that love you are gona say yes lls
if you say no to this, you are either a straight male or a straight idiot.
if i saw u in person that would be awesome
Hmmm I don't know. How about yes of course u can
S. Pink
Its From His Song "Lemme See" :D♥
not really wat u think u wayne nigga fly thru twice
 no but you can take someone else home what about a stray out on the roads!!!!
If she Day no u can tale me home jk jk jkj jk. Jk jk jk jk jk 
I love his song:love in this club ;) go usher. 
He definitely can say he sexy and he know it:)

Usher baby, I luv all ur music keep it up.
could you take me home? It would be cute? But you should drive a BMW then
Dina Pl
No you can't. I already have plans. You should have asked me earlier
yes but only to go see Justin aha <33
usher my lil sis likes your songs
dam rite you should, and let me find out you taking a "female dog" home, :S
that's a good line. it can make one feel desirable just by listening to those words.  it is assumed that beautiful lines are important in making your music magical.  :)   :p
iis say
I'm waiting...
Yuu wld get arrested......i still luv yuu thoo <3
depends on watcha gonna do :) LOL 
She says she wanna take her skirt off

Be my guest!

I decided to take my shirt off

And show my chest!
uuuummm..... ya sure whatever.
as long as your singing im fine
no i got ur brother...hahaha
Hahaha!! Usher is taking some1 home 2nite!!! 
Lol I lovee that song especially my mom thats all I hear her sing
Sure! lol j/k we can be friends though. ^-^
Tell them I'm not better than you just different from you!
I would love dat but I have to go home to my kids sorry next time
Yes you should take me home and stay there with me! You can become the next Mr Nita Peoples :-)
instead of take me home, shall I take you home?
Ek is nie 'n meisie, maar ja, in my drome. lol
I am sort of 12 man (and male) soooo errm no thanks
no but feel free to take someone else! =D
YA i would love to spend a day with one of the biggest stars around!!! mabey we could say hi to justin to!!!!!
i love this song!!!! its lemme see ft. rick ross right? hahah well if its not thats still one of my fav songs by you
after doing what you want to do with her will you have her to yourself that is marry of cause depending also on you are going to do with her
"Trading Places" music video is one of my favorites. <3
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