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I had to delete that last post.

The way adding photos to Events works with your own albums is STUPID.

I'm going to have to duplicate the album just to be able to share my photos actually together and not mixed with everyone else's. Did I mention that this is STUPID?
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+Ursula Rodgers you can view your photos on the events page by clicking on your profile pic under the Photographers section. 
+Pooja Srinivas Not to mention, clicking on my photo doesn't actually give a shareable link. Telling everyone "go here, then click on my tiny little photo on the right to see my photos together" is not the same thing as letting me share the album that the event already created in my photos!
Will send in feedback on that. If you go to your albums, you should have a "Google+ Denver 1 Year Anniversary Photowalk" album that you can click on and share. 
+Pooja Srinivas That's what I tried in the last post. However, it just links to my photos scattered amongst everyone else's in the overall Event album.

So that's what I don't get - it created an album, but it's not a real album.
Got it! Submitted feedback on this. 

For now, sharing the album will display just your photos in the stream but if they click on the album name, it goes to the events page. 
+Pooja Srinivas I really appreciate it. I wouldn't have really even known where to start to make any feedback make sense. If I click through, I get what looks like a regular album, but if anyone else does it, they get the events album.

As it stands, this seems like a very awkward way to share the photos. I guess I should have uploaded an album of my own and then shared from there? Do you know if that creates duplicates or not?
Just tried that out with one of my existing albums. Looks like it just converts the album into an events album. Would have the same issue. 

It'll probably work if you add individual photos within an album instead of adding the whole album to the event. In this case, it would create a separate events album in addition to your existing album. This is just a temporary workaround for now. Will keep you posted on what I hear from the team.
It seems when you click on the image in your stream, the link below the photo takes you to the collection of images from that person, but they still exists and belong to the event.
+Armand Salmon The text link? I had no luck with that. For me, it took me to the album, but when Morgan clicked it, it took him to the same stupid mixed-up event album.
I'm so confused now. In my own stream, when I hover over one of my own images for this event, there is a link that emerges from the bottom that has the name of the event, when you click that link, it brings you to the collection of my photos that I uploaded to the event. However, when you click on any of those photos full screen, it will then show a number, say 44 of 100, because it really exists only in the event album.

Needless to say, this is very foolish. The home for the photos should be with the originator of the content, and the linked photo should appear in the event album. 

Unfortunately, the reverse is true and this entire thing is backwards.
+Armand Salmon Right, that's how it works for you. But when I click on the text link, I get the same result as when I click on one of the images.

It's the amazing album-that-doesn't-really-exist.
Until this is fixed, I am remaking my album now and titling it with the same name as the event. No one is going to sift through 300+ images from an event.
+Armand Salmon Right? The best part is, I just tested it with your posts. Click photo, get overall event album. Click album title, ditto. Click "More photos by Armand Salmon," get your albums page, where I could see the G+ Anniv album. Click that, get the overall event album.

Hahahahaha. So. Awesome.
Terrible. Discovering things like this gets me labeled a maverick for being different.
+Gene Bowker Hope it helps. I was so frustrated by it yesterday, and I'm trying to get the word out because the existence of that album for the profile owner makes it seem like it works differently than it does. So I just want people to understand how it works.
yep.. being a new "tool" I'm sure they will work out the kinks.

It already works better than a Google+ Page does =)
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