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I'm really excited about my latest blog post, because I get to focus on how to get each of you to make more money (and, ok, ok, ok, have more fun at your job!).

A Great Analyst's Best Friends: Skepticism & Wisdom!

The post covers why you should make skepticism your BFF, if you want to be a great analyst, and why understanding the difference between Knowledge, Insight and Wisdom is critical if you want to grow in your career as an Analyst.

There's a great cartoon in the third story, you are absolutely going to love it.

So. If you want to take your career some place great, if I may say so myself, your journey starts with my latest post: A Great Analyst's Best Friends: Skepticism & Wisdom!
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Ursula Ehrenfeld

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Search Ranking Factors in 2015

#searchengineoptimization   #seo  
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Happy New Year Ursula... wishing you the best for 2016...... William 
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Stop Right There, Buddy. That Social Page IS OURS Now
What would YOU do if the court came along and took your social profile (or page) from you?

h/t +Mike Allton for sharing this one.
Could You Lose Your Social Profiles?

There's an interesting discussion happening now within the undercurrents of the legal systems, in which the idea that your social media profiles have intrinsic value, and therefore should be considered an asset.

If you or your business is facing bankruptcy, that could mean potentially that your debtors would look to seize your social accounts as part of your settlement.

There's some great speculation from +J. Douglas Hoyes of +Hoyes, Michalos & Associates Inc. here about how courts are likely to proceed, but I'm also interested in hearing what you think.

Should someone's personal social media profiles be considered an asset? Under what circumstances?

#SocialMedia   #Business   #Finance  
Have you ever wondered whether your social media account can be included in your bankruptcy? If it's used for business, it could be considered an asset.
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+Mike Allton Happy to do so. This is something we all need to start thinking about, sooner rather than later, me thinks.
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Operation: Coming Home's Hero Home 11

Nice job, +Lennar Raleigh / Durham - I heard this was one of the best Operation: Coming Home events ever!
Operation: Coming Home's Hero Home 11

Sergeant Kyle Snyder and his family received the keys to their brand new home in Traditions at Wake Forest this morning, a huge honor and absolutely well-deserved by this true American hero. Congratulations!
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Ursula Ehrenfeld

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Good Googly Moo
Look how far we've come. But remember, this is just the tip of the iceberg.

We’ve changed a lot over the last 17 years, and today we’re changing things up again...
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Ursula Ehrenfeld

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Boaters Warned About Tropical Storm Erika
The Coast Guard is issuing a caution to mariners and recreational boaters in the U.S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico as Tropical Storm Erika nears.

#BoaterSafety   #SafetyAtSea  
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The World According to Facebook

#facebook   #humoroftheday  
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Yes it was thanks.  As with all my broadcasts, you can watch the replay anytime.  :-)  
View past shows, schedule for future shows, related graphics and tweets on my Periscope page: Here's the promo image I referred to:
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Ursula Ehrenfeld

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How to Structure a Successful Post
When you want to develop a successful content marketing strategy, the base of that strategy is, of course, your content. I've found that it's easier to conceptualize what content is needed by using a Pyramid.
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Hi +Ursula Ehrenfeld and +Vin Brown. When it comes to Pyramids, you're top of mind Vin! :) 
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Ursula Ehrenfeld

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Hangouts Get An Upgrade
The changes only apply to Hangout Video Calls (HVCs), not Hangouts on Air (HOAs).

h/t +Ronnie Bincer 
Today, we’re introducing a new calling experience for Hangouts on the web that loads more quickly, renders video more sharply, and streamlines the interface so you can focus less on where to click and more on what to say. We’ve been using this new calling experience at Google for a while now. It’s early days, but we hope you like it as much as we do. (Note: This is not available for Google Apps for Work customers.) 

Key changes include:
 • Calls that start faster and stay crisper, with higher quality video
 • A more streamlined and immersive full-screen interface
 • A simpler way to invite friends and family to your calls

If you want to go back to the version of Hangouts you’re used to, visit or click the menu at the top right and choose “Original version.” 

We’ll be rolling out to a small group of users starting today and expanding globally in the days ahead. Keep an eye out and tell us what you think!
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Ursula Ehrenfeld

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Big List of SEO Tips For Switching Your Site To HTTPS

#seo   #seotips  
SEO checklist to preserve your rankings post HTTPS switch from +Cyrus Shepard of +Moz

Make sure every element of your website uses HTTPS, including widgets, java script, CSS files, images and your content delivery network.

Use 301 redirects to point all HTTP URLs to HTTPS. This is a no-brainer to most SEOs, but you'd be surprised how often a 302 (temporary) redirect finds its way to the homepage by accident.

Make sure all canonical tags point to the HTTPS version of the URL.

Use relative URLs whenever possible.

Rewrite hard-coded internal links (as many as is possible) to point to HTTPS. This is superior to pointing to the HTTP version and relying on 301 redirects.

Register the HTTPS version in both Google and Bing Webmaster Tools.

Use the Fetch and Render function in Webmaster Tools (Search Console) to ensure Google can properly crawl and render your site.

Update your sitemaps to reflect the new URLs. Submit the new sitemaps to Webmaster Tools (Search Console).

Leave your old (HTTP) sitemaps in place for 30 days so search engines can crawl and "process" your 301 redirects.

Update your robots.txt file. Add your new sitemaps to the file. Make sure your robots.txt doesn't block any important pages.

If necessary, update your analytics tracking code. Most modern Google Analytics tracking snippets already handle HTTPS, but older code may need a second look.

Implement HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS). This response header tells user agents to only access HTTPS pages even when directed to an HTTP page. This eliminates redirects, speeds up response time, and provides extra security.

If you have a disavow file, be sure to transfer over any disavowed URLs into a duplicate file in your new Webmaster Tools (Search Console) profile.

#https #seo
It’s rare when Google reveals any of its actual ranking factors, so it came as a big surprise when representatives announced they would reward sites using HTTPS encryption with a boost in search results. HTTPS isn’t like other ranking factors. Implementing it requires complexity, risks, and costs. Webmasters balance this out with benefits that include increased security, better referral data, and a possible boost in rankings.
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From me too, thanks, so useful in an internal company discussion of important things to do when adding https! +Randy Milanovic
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Ursula Ehrenfeld

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21 Internet Marketing Stats That Will Blow Your Mind

Peruse through some seriously shocking marketing data and statistics.
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Fascinating indeed +Vin Brown I thought these were a great find!
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