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+Luiz André Barroso,  +jimmy Clidaras and myself would like to thank Google's Tech Infrastructure teams producing most of the material we discuss in this updated book, with special thanks to Michael Morgan for making the free download possible, and to our revierwers +Partha Ranganathan, +David Andersen and +Christos Kozyrakis .

The first edition had over 112k downloads. That's over 10x more than the 2nd most popular book in the Synthesis series (over 500 books across dozens of science & engineering topics). So we thought it was worth the nights & weekends effort to update it.

Note that we still welcome corrections/suggestions at

Special thanks to +Mike Bennett , +Mike Marty , +Matthew Harris , +Jack Palevich , +David Guild , +Ankit Somani , +Peter Pellerzi, +Aaron Fellin , +Liqun Cheng, +Xiaobo Fan , +Mark Hennecke , +Thomas Olavson , +John Reese , +Amin Vahdat  and +Jeff Dean  who contributed with corrections to earlier drafts or material that was directly used in the text.

Download it at; printed copies should be available soon.
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+Urs Hölzle just downloaded it thank you for making your experiences available at zero cost to the readers, I know there are lots of up and coming young minds that will get a lot from studying your work. Looking forward to reading it after hearing you talk at +UCSB College of Engineering . If nothing else I have learned the difference between PDF and PDF plus, though + still has blank pages....

What is the difference between PDF and PDF plus?

PDF is optimized for printing, whereas PDF Plus is intended for online usage and provides reference linking.
Bob Lee
This is awesome. Reading it on my vacation. Thanks, Urs!
+Shaker Cherukuri I do know that but as you may know PDF are not suited for reading with kindle ... you have to use the zoom etc ... If there's something like epub, mobi and stuff like that it would be much much better.
it's funny, when I was at Google I was initially quite intimidated by interacting with an enormous datacenter, and then I started imagining the entire datacenter was shrunk down into a small box sitting on my desk, and realized it was just another machine and the physical size didn't matter anymore
The first edition was instrumental to my M.Sc thesis. I was astonished to see how hard it is to find the numbers and trends I was looking for since all companies usually cover behind the enterprise "secrets firewall".  This is a testament that even big companies can share much of their technical experience, data and numbers. 

Thank you guys! Science just got better.
I appreciate when Urs & company discloses stuff because it increases the things I can say at dinner parties
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