+Luiz André Barroso,  +jimmy Clidaras and myself would like to thank Google's Tech Infrastructure teams producing most of the material we discuss in this updated book, with special thanks to Michael Morgan for making the free download possible, and to our revierwers +Partha Ranganathan, +David Andersen and +Christos Kozyrakis .

The first edition had over 112k downloads. That's over 10x more than the 2nd most popular book in the Synthesis series (over 500 books across dozens of science & engineering topics). So we thought it was worth the nights & weekends effort to update it.

Note that we still welcome corrections/suggestions at http://goo.gl/K0GH5.

Special thanks to +Mike Bennett , +Mike Marty , +Matthew Harris , +Jack Palevich , +David Guild , +Ankit Somani , +Peter Pellerzi, +Aaron Fellin , +Liqun Cheng, +Xiaobo Fan , +Mark Hennecke , +Thomas Olavson , +John Reese , +Amin Vahdat  and +Jeff Dean  who contributed with corrections to earlier drafts or material that was directly used in the text.

Download it at http://www.morganclaypool.com/doi/abs/10.2200/S00516ED2V01Y201306CAC024; printed copies should be available soon.
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