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Since North Korea has been in the news recently, here's a "news piece" about the infamous Pyongyang Traffic Girls.  It took me a while to tell whether it's a brilliant spoof or tragically bizarre propaganda.  (Hint: it's the former.)  But it's fun to watch and just plausible enough to be real Pyongyang propaganda.

PS: what's known for sure is that the traffic girls exist.  Never question that.
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First time I find the Translating Captions in YouTube useful. lol
Haven't they ever heard of something called a traffic robot?? :)
Ha ha, I love North Korea! They take propoganda to a whole new level. The undaunted silliness they spout is amazing. Even the General(?)doesn't look convinced...
Hahaha I laughed so hard I almost peed....wait...that's what the floating traffic cop said! I want to float too....
"Life doesn't get any better than that... I think I'm going to pee"? WTF????
got my jaw locked!! Hahaha!! This is sooo coool!
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