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Proud to see +Mark Zuckerberg promote G+.  Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!
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It's nice to see that many of you are taking their dreams for the reality:)
Ditch Facebook- it blows 
Nav H.
Looks a lot better than Google+ for sure.
The similarities in design will make for an easier transition for Facebook users when they eventually make the switch.
+Tony Cacaccio great call! I can't believe what it's become. I've had a better quality of life since I deleted my account in December. 
Competition is good. Facebook's got a few ideas for their new News Feed that Google might want to borrow, like a separate stream for photos.
They can try to copy the looks of G+, but they wont be able to inspire the trust Google does.
+Daniel Junior you are so right! That is the exact reason I deleted my Facebook account; extreme lack of trust! 
Among other things: 1) telling me I had a virus 2) Trying to sell me McAfee 3) Spam Galore 4) Clutter 5) Failure to transition to Mobile 6) Barrage of ads 7) Poor Security 8) Failure to adapt with the times 9)Failure to sync desktop app with Mobile 
What's next, facebook hangouts? Die facebook, Die!!!
1. where are the crapy ads?
2. where is the crap i don't care about
3. where are the crapy game invites
facebook beat that lol
Looks like some people need that stuff
But through Facebook, I found "him". So, I still have something I wanna thank fb abt...
I can't help but to feel bad for the Facebook.. Lol 
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