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Urban Reiver, Illustration & Graphic Design

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Find out about my processes and the meaning behind the design.

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Hi there! I am a freelance Illustrator & Graphic Designer based in Fife, but I work remotely for my clients across the UK, from up in the Scottish Highlands right down to the city of London. I offer a variety of services including design for logos, websites, adverts, print, social media, email newsletters and blogs. Further to this, I can help with copywriting, blogging and writing for weekly or monthly newsletters. If you're looking for something a bit different, I also create bespoke artwork and hand-crafted pieces - please get in touch if you would like to find out more:

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Just a little recommendation here :) :

"In terms of bang for buck Katherine packs a massive punch. Her work is professional, meticulous and incredibly on point.
Katherine has a great eye for detail and understands how to deliver the right feel for the brand. Katherine excels in illustrative design and bringing concepts to life but she has a wealth of other skills up her sleeve. We hired her for a logo and she now runs most of the business!
A genuine asset in a World full of people talking the talk. I look forward to working more with Katherine."

Tim Bland, Director at Cycling Souvenirs

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