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We're on a roll!
Today we’re delighted to announce a preview of uProxy cloud servers! Do you need access but don’t have anyone who can share with you? Or do you just want a uProxy buddy who’s guaranteed to be online whenever you need it? With...
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Greg H.
Adding a cloud option- very cool! This is only the beginning. 
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uProxy has a new blog! Check it out at Look forward to seeing you there!
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We've just upgraded uProxy to beta! 

In the past 6 months, we've improved usability and connection reliability and added a new invitation flow to connect with friends. We've very excited to share these changes with you! Check out the new version at and let us know what you think.
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have you solved any of these design flaws i mentioned in your previous post?:
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We are slowly rolling out invitations to the uProxy early access program! If you are interested in participating and providing feedback, please fill out the form at or email us directly at

Development is happening on Github, and interested developers can follow progress here
uProxy is a browser extension that makes it easy to setup and access proxy services for your trusted friends and family.
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Tian Xu
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An interview by ASL19 with some of the uProxy team, this has some Q&A that's probably of interest to you all too :)

If you like you can still ask more questions here (click on see responses to see translations of the questions and responses):
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Announcing work on uProxy - Share your pathway to the Internet
Join our trusted tester program in the link below...
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+Bobie Shi can you help me?
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It’s our great pleasure to announce that the latest version of uProxy should work well everywhere in the world, including places where Facebook and Google are blocked. Hurray! uProxy now offers a new option for finding and co...
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or you can make a simple app / windows program, with an ON / OFF switch and plenty of google servers available all over the world...FAIL AGAIN!. People dont have ANOTHER computer ALWAYS ON at the other side of the world.
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Hello, world! uProxy now works everywhere!
It’s our great pleasure to announce that the latest version of uProxy should work well everywhere in the world, including places where Facebook and Google are blocked. Hurray! uProxy now offers a new option for finding and co...
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EZE V re SO detached from reality...u$s 10 A MONTH is a fortune for people under dictatorships...just use the free, abundant, 99% of the time idle google servers, put an ON / OFF switch to an app, a list of servers and THATS IT. Not to mention your procedure is a nightmare to follow for non engineers...remember 1,2,3; on/off; THATS IT!!! Oh, and paypal is a SCAM, nobody uses it anymore.
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We just released an alpha version of uProxy! It's still in development, and we'd love for you to try it with friends. 
Why use uProxy? uProxy was made for people in two situations: those who need to get safe and unrestricted access to the Internet and those who have a secure connection that they would like to share with their friends. Get unrestricted access to the Internet ...
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+uProxy Thanks for the reply. Keep up the good work!
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Quite a few places block the "" website, so we are posting our FAQ in the G+ to help those who can't access the site directly... (we've also slightly updated the website too)


What is uProxy?

uProxy is a browser extension that lets users share alternative more secure routes to the Internet. It's like a personalized VPN service that you set up for yourself and your friends. uProxy helps users protect each other from third parties who may try to watch, block, or redirect users’ Internet connections.

This project is an experiment in enabling people to provide each other with a more secure and private connection to the Internet. At the moment, it is under active development and we are interested in working with a limited number of testers to help develop the tool.

uProxy is under development. It is currently released only to a few selected trusted testers. We expect to have a first full public release for the summer of 2014. If you want to get involved before then, follow our G+ page or fill out this form to join the effort (

What does uProxy do and why would I want to use it?

You might not realize it, but every time you connect to a website, your information takes many steps. For example it may travel from your computer to a WiFi hotspot, to an Internet service provider, then on to an international gateway before arriving at the site. This journey matters because it is at each step that the connection may be blocked, surveilled or misdirected.

uProxy lets you provide a pathway for trusted friends to get safer, more private and more reliable access. You give access to a friend by email or chat (you can use any chat network). By accessing the Internet through uProxy, a friend's Internet connection is routed through your computer before continuing to the site they are visiting. uProxy helps avoid attacks on your friend's Internet connection. You can also use uProxy when you are traveling and worried about the security of your Internet connection. By using uProxy to route your connection back to your home computer, you can access the Internet as if you were in your own home.

Who made uProxy?

uProxy is being developed by the University of Washington, with help from Brave New Software. The project was seeded by Google Ideas.

What web-browsers does uProxy work in?

uProxy is being developed for Chrome and Firefox. We may expand to other browsers and to mobile in the future, depending on resources available.

Where can I get and install uProxy?

At the moment, uProxy is in a limited release to trusted testers who can help make it as reliable, secure and private as possible. In the coming months, the trusted tester program will also be rolled out to more users. You sign up for the extended rollout of the trusted tester program by going to

Why is uProxy launched for trusted testers only to start with?

We are working on making uProxy as secure and private as it can be. uProxy's trusted tester program is intended to get user feedback and fix bugs before releasing it more widely.

How does uProxy help protect my Internet connection?

Insecure connections to the Internet introduce many risks. For example, when using a Wi-Fi hotspot, if you visit a site that doesn't use encryption, other people on the same network may be able to see what websites you go to, and what information you send and receive. It's worrying that even some email providers still don't use encryption; What this means is that on insecure connections to the Internet, any part of the pathway from your computer to final site on the Internet will be able to read your email, and may even be able to modify it.

uProxy routes one user's connection to the Internet via a friend they trust. Both users have to have uProxy installed. uProxy is intended to allow one user, with a safer and more secure connection to the Internet, to share their connection to the Internet with trusted friends and family, or even with themselves when they travel. By encrypting the connection between the two users, uProxy makes it much harder for an intermediate step on the journey to watch, block or misdirect traffic.

Does uProxy store logs that hold user data?

uProxy does not store any logs. Some information on what chat networks to connect to, and how, can be stored in the browser's local storage at the user's request.

What other tools provide similar functionality to uProxy?

uProxy is a bit like a (Virtual Private Network) VPN such as OpenVPN, or other types of proxy services. But setting up a VPN service can be rather complicated. uProxy makes it easy to provide your friends and your family with a way to get access from a location that you trust. For instance, you may trust your ISP provider at your home and want to access the Internet from there when you use an untrusted WiFi hotspot.

How is uProxy different to other proxies?

There are many differences, depending on the exact details of the proxy service you want to compare uProxy to. But the main difference is that users selectively share their Internet connection with trusted friends. It's intended for user's to be able to have the same level of security as their friends and family.

It's also worth noting that uProxy not a centralized service, so it cannot be blocked in one place. It runs on your browser, so it moves with you. The proxy also lives only as long as your friend is running uProxy in their web-browser. If your friend fully closes their web-browser or turns off their computer while you are using their computer to get access to the Internet, the uProxy connection will stop (and you will be notified). When they open their browser again, you will be able to start using them as a proxy service again.

Is there a risk to using uProxy (or VPNs or other proxies)?

There are two ways to use VPNs or other proxies (including uProxy) which have different kinds of risks:

1. If you are providing a someone with access, then you have to trust that they will use your Internet connection legally. You are responsible for their online activity. Because you cannot see what a friend is doing on your Internet connection, you should think carefully before you give someone access to your Internet connection. If you are behind a corporate or restricted network, you should also check with your network administrators and technical support magicians to make sure you are not opening a security hole into the normally restricted network.

2. On the other hand, if you are using uProxy to get access to the Internet from someone, you also have to trust them. If their computer is at an insecure WiFi hotspot, you will not necessarily be making your Internet connection any more private or secure. Moreover, you need to trust the proxy services you use, because the proxy service has the technical capacity to block, misdirect, and manipulate your Internet traffic. Even if you trust the location from which you are connecting to the Internet, make sure you know how to stay safe and secure online.

Does uProxy anonymize a user's Internet connection?

uProxy is not designed to be an anonymizing service. Services like Tor provide a much stronger guarantee that a user's IP address is hidden from from the target site as well as intermediaries. uProxy does not provide such a guarantee.

Who sees that I'm using uProxy and how do they see it?

One of the ways uProxy connects you through your friends, is by connecting to existing chat networks, such as Facebook or Google Hangouts. uProxy can use a chat network to discover new friends and setup peer-to-peer proxying from your friends. If a user does so, then the chat network can see that the user has uProxy installed. A user's chat contacts may also see this.

To anyone on the same local network (e.g. WiFi hotspot) the uProxy connection looks like an encrypted connection to another user on the Internet. There’s no uProxy-specific mark on traffic that identifies the traffic as being sent by uProxy. We'd like the traffic to look no different from a networked video game or Internet phone calls. Protocol detection and obfuscation are both very active research fields.We'll be using encryption and obfuscation technologies to make it hard to identify the traffic between users. This means that the traffic will not look like standard WebRTC Internet traffic, and should be very hard to identify and block.

Does uProxy let people do P2P sharing of files, like torrent systems do?

uProxy is not a file sharing tool. uProxy only proxies your web browser traffic.

Can I look at the source code?

The source code will be released by the University of Washington under the Apache 2 license after the trusted tester phase is completed. If you would like to get involved sooner go to 

What about schools and restricted corporate networks?

There are standard ways to restrict access with a school or corporate network. For example, when they control the hardware, they can restrict the installation of extensions. They need to do this already in order to stop traditional proxying extensions.
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need invitations from abroad beyond China, help me:
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Thanks for all your excitement and offers to test uProxy! We've been quite inundated with over 14k offers! 

We're going to start with some of the people who have the best relevant technical knowledge and who can give detailed feedback and help us debug uProxy. Then we'll roll out to more testers.

We're also working on a public technical design doc so we can have a more open discussion about the tool and the approach it takes. Stay tuned for updates!

p.s. feel free to make requests and ask questions in the comments and we'll do our best to answer them in later posts.
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help me:
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Open access to the global internet
uProxy is a browser extension that makes it easy to set up and access proxy services for your trusted friends and family.
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