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Falling asleep with uPod...

Are you falling asleep while listening to your podcasts? Regarding the fact, that the sleep timer was on rank four of the most requested features on uPod’s support site this seems to be a common problem among podcast listeners. If this is the case for you, I suggest that you think about whether you are listening to the right podcasts. If you are sure this is already the case, then you might be happy to read that uPod 5.1 Premium finally brings a sleep timer.

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uPod 5.0: A new Chapter in Playback

 I am really proud to present chapter support in uPod! Especially in the German podcast scene chapter marks are a widely used feature. They provide you the possibility to skip chapters not relevant to you or to relisten specific topcis later. Further on they may provide furhter information like images or web links. uPod 5 implements all of these features.

uPod supports chapter marks in MP3 and M4A/AAC/MP4 files.

Read the full story at
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Another new Playback View

The last update brought a new playback view. Though the visual update was welcome by most of you, some had complaints regarding the arrangement of the playback controls and the fact that show notes were provided using a bottom sheet:

▪ The new arrangement of the controls in the playback view caused accidental clicks on the seek bar and thus unwanted position changes during playback.

▪ Providing show notes as a bottom sheet made id impossible to view the show notes and control the playback at the same time what is an important use case for some of you.
Thanks to all of those who shared their thoughts!

That’s why I have again overworked the playback view in uPod 4.7: The seek bar is placed above the playback controls again now to get it out of the way and avoid accidental taps. The show notes have got their own brand new playback view which provides a lot of space for the notes and a full playback bar including seek button and a seek bar at the bottom. I hope you enjoy the new view as much as I do.

As a bonus uPod 4.7 brings episode counter bubbles in the “My podcasts” grid view showing the number of unfinished episodes for each podcast.
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New Playback View

The lat­est uPod release brings a brand new play­back view which focuses even more on the podcast’s col­ors and makes room for addi­tional play­back con­trols planned for future releases. Access­ing the show notes from the play­back view is a joy now: Tap on the show notes but­ton in the bot­tom bar and they will slide up from the bot­tom. Swipe them up to fill the screen. Swipe them down to dis­miss them.

Some users com­plained about a change in the pre­vi­ous release where only the lat­est episode of a pod­cast is added to the »New« sec­tion, when sub­scrib­ing to the pod­cast. This requires a lot of man­ual work to save all of a podcast’s episodes for later. That’s why I intro­duce a new action to save all unfin­ished episodes of a pod­cast for later. You can find it in the action menu when view­ing the episodes of a podcast.

And for those who want to clean up there device’s stor­age I’ve intro­duced an action to imme­di­ately delete all episodes listed in the »Recently fin­ished« section.

Here is the full change log:
▪ New play­back view with more color and slid­ing show notes
▪ Vol­ume gain indi­ca­tor shows cur­rent gain
▪ Action to delete all recently fin­ished episode downloads
▪ Menu action within a pod­cast to save all unfin­ished episodes for later
▪ New icons for play list and down­load list
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uPod loves Marshmallows

By the end of Sep­tem­ber Google released Android 6 aka »Marsh­mal­low«. Besides the new doze mode — which is a huge bat­tery saver — and a lot of other nifty stuff Google com­pletely revised Android’s per­mis­sion sys­tem: Instead of forc­ing the user to acknowl­edge a bunch of detailed per­mis­sions upfront while installing the app, instal­la­tion and update now pass silently and the apps requests the per­mis­sions in the moment they are required for the first time. To make this work the app needs to be build natively for Android 6.

The newest release of uPod — ver­sion 4.5 — does exactly this. And the best thing: I’ve over­worked uPod’s per­mis­sions, so that it doesn’t con­tain any crit­i­cal once at all. So when you install uPod on Marsh­mal­low you won’t be asked to acknowl­edge a sin­gle per­mis­sion — not dur­ing instal­la­tion and also not later on.

Besides native Marsh­mal­low sup­port uPod 4.5 brings the fol­low­ing changes:

- When sub­scrib­ing to a pod­cast only the lat­est episode is deliv­ered to your »New«-section (instead of all episodes like before).
- When stream­ing an episode, the down­load noti­fi­ca­tion in the sta­tus bar is no longer visible.
- The drag han­dle in the play list has been updated to more clearly state it’s purpose.
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uPod presentation from Podlover Podcaster Workshop on youTube

On Fri­day and Sat­ur­day I’ve joined the 6th Podlove Pod­caster Work­shopt 2015b in Berlin in the rooms of Wiki­me­dia Ger­many and enjoyed two days full of dis­cus­sion related to pod­cast pro­duc­tion and con­sume. Yes­ter­day I took the chance to present uPod. Though there were mainly active pod­cast­ers in the audi­ence I’ve received a lot of pos­i­tive res­o­nance. Thanks for this and all the valu­able feedback.

View my Ger­man 15 minute pre­sen­ta­tion on youTube.
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Ich nehme an "6. Podlove Podcaster Workshop (Herbst 2015) #ppw15b" teil! Wer ist noch dabei?
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uPod 4.4

Until now uPod used the episode’s down­load URL to uniquely iden­tify an episode. For some pod­casts this resulted in false new episodes, mean­ing that episodes appeared as new though you’ve already marked them as fin­ished. This was the case, when­ever the pod­cast pub­lisher updated the pod­cast feed and the down­load URL of old episodes changed.

Start­ing with uPod 4.4 episodes are iden­ti­fied by their GUID (global unique iden­ti­fier), if the pub­lisher assigns one and if the GUID is unique within the feed (which — unfor­tu­nately — isn’t the case for all feeds). So episodes should no longer appear as new if you’ve already marked them as finished.

This was a quite heavy change and the upgrade from the old mech­a­nism to the new one is a lit­tle bit tricky — espe­cially in con­junc­tion with the cloud sync. That’s why — once you’ve updated your first device — your other devices still run­ning ver­sion 4.3 or ear­lier will not be syn­chro­nized with your uPod cloud data, until you also update them.

Fur­ther on the new ver­sion brings a wiz­ard when start­ing uPod after the instal­la­tion which eas­ily allows you to restore your data from the uPod cloud if you are a pre­mium user. So migrat­ing to new devices is eas­ier now.

And finally I’ve fixed the sync of the pod­cast vol­ume gain set­tings which has been reset to 0dB in pre­vi­ous releases.

Happy lis­ten­ing!
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Android 4.x Beta Testers needed!

Last week I've announced the new way how beta releases are distributed and a few users have already signed up. But I still need some more, especially those using Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) to 4.4 (KitKat).

So if you are an Android 4.x user and are willing to experiment, head over to

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New mechanism for distribution of Beta releases

Starting from now I'll use Twitter's Crashlytics to distribute beta releases instead of Google play. The benefit for me is, that I get much more insights in the platforms a beta version has been tested on. This was a common question for me in the past, but it is an essential information to decide whether a release is ready for the broad public of the users.

Further on if I see crashes I cannot reproduce, I am able to contact you, to get more information about the crash.

You can choose between two channels: The nightly channel which receives the latest developer releases (these are running on my devices) and the beta channel which receives the classical beta releases. 

You will receive an e-mail each time a new release is available which you can then install with just a click.

So if you want to continue to participate in beta testing go to and follow the instructions.
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