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1C:ERP 2 ENG – flagship solution for smart enterprise resource management, based on 1C:Enterprise 8, with an English user interface.
1C:ERP 2 ENG – flagship solution for smart enterprise resource management, based on 1C:Enterprise 8, with an English user interface.


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Smart ERP Projects LLC attend the Changes in Personal Data Protection Law in Russia workshop in IHK Dusseldorf.

Smart ERP Projects LLC, a IT company experienced in implementing 1C:ERP and 1C: accounting software in the CIS-states, presented a comprehensive package of software and services to meet the requirements of a new Russian law (which will come into effect on the 1st of September 2015) to the international organisations taking part in the workshop event.

This special business event for German companies operating in Russia was held at IHK Dusseldorf on the 8th of July to discuss new and critical changes to Russian personal data protection law (242-FZ). It outlined new rules for handling personal data, its process and storage and the obligation to localise this process in Russia.

This new law will come into force in September this year, but up to now awareness from German companies with branches in Russia is still quite low. This could be due to possible ignorance from EU companies of this law.

The new personal data protection law touches almost all data storage issues, such as the storage of emails on mail servers, webpage harvesting of names and email addresses for newsletter signups, and of course HR and payroll business processes.

Any company can be affected and should take the opportunity to protect themselves using IT assistance - and a legal consultant to check where the law is applicable and what the real requirements for personal data protection are that need to be fulfilled.

Smart ERP Projects LLC offers a wide range of solutions based on our national-standard software 1C:Enterprise 8.

The 1C: Enterprise 8-based software is fully compliant with new regulations and can be used for the localisation of personal data and storage processes with minimal costs and the ability to keep the core business process in line with IT systems at company headquarters.

There are a few major options suitable for most companies:

Reallocation of IT systems to Russian data centres and the implementation of adequate personal data security
Check-up on HR and payroll processes and implementation of local 1C:HR and payroll modules (on-site or SaaS) integrating with IT systems in company headquarters abroad
Localisation of customer personal data processing for various purposes such as e-commerce, trade portals, customer self-service, etc. using 1C:Enterprise 8 software. 
Implementation of full functional local 1C:ERP solutions that can cover the whole business process for local Russian subsidiaries

We can tailor an individual solution to every scenario and we are happy to help overseas customers with these issues. For better performance and comfort we have an additional language pack for 1C-based solutions, allowing you to work with an English interface.

Please contact us for more information and visit our website here
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On 25th June 2015, at the 13th biennial Moscow International Oil & Gas (MIOGE) Exhibition, Gazprom, the world leader in the gas industry enterprises automation field, and 1C, the creator of the popular programming system 1C:Enterprise signed an agreement to automate their management and accounting functions.

This means that automation services market, which was traditionally dominated by SAP, is now being gradually infiltrated by the latest solutions from the Russian vendor. In recent years their 1C:Enterprise 8 platform has been redeveloped considerably and boasts operation indicators comparable with foreign IT solutions, combining high versatility, flexibility and the ability to respond rapidly to changes in local legislation in the CIS-states.

Gazprom have been actualising their projects on 1C platforms since 2013. One of their most extensive projects today is the automation of environmental protection management processes at the Gazprom enterprise group in the storage field (the parent company JSC Gazprom UGS and its 25 branches). As a result of implementing this project, solutions based on the 1C platform will fully automate this business process, completely replacing existing analogue systems, and will also form the basis for creating similar systems to manage other activities carried out by JSC Gazprom.

"One of the principles of our work is cooperation with the leading companies in IT markets working in related directions”, noted 1C director Boris Nuraliev. “Creating industry-specific ERP solutions based on the 1C:Enterprise platform together with our partners is an important part of our strategy. The actualisation of the unique branch competences of our partners on a powerful and flexible technological 1C platform allows us to propose solutions that correlate well with industry specifics to our corporate clients. Besides, these solutions are quickly implementable and we can see the real benefits quickly; and also these solutions can be quickly modified or developed in accordance with the changing business environment".

In turn, our company presents the market with our unique flagship 1C solution 1C:ERP 2.0 with its English interface, which covers a wide range of the accounting and management cycles used by various enterprises, including international organisations where operational interaction between Russian-speaking experts and their foreign colleagues is vital.

To get more detailed information about solution and to learn about the projects that we have worked on, please visit our website 
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Recently 1C company informed its partners and clients about new tax law in Moscow city - additional quarterly sales tax coming into affect starting from 1st of July 2015.

This legislative change is fully supported by 1C accounting software and the relevant section ("Sales tax" catalog) was added to  the official 1C information and technical maintenance 1C:ITS.

1C:ITS is a complex support service which 1C company provides to the end customers in cooperation with regional partners. It allows 1C:Enterprise users receive useful and up to date information about all legislative changes and new features of local accounting software in time.

Our company will be glad to help you to choose an optimal 1C:Enterprise support option, and also will consult you concerning acquaintance with the new "Sales tax" catalog and other legislative changes.

Until 30.06.2015 "Sales tax" catalog is available in the public access for free (in Russian) and all official users can have a look at it.

To get more detailed information please contact us by phone +7 (495) 374-61-58 or send us your question by e-mail at
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We are glad to announce that our partner Systola GmbH recently became an official partner of 1C company in Germany. 

Now European customers can buy 1C software licenses and get 1C consulting and support services directly from our partner according to German law and business terms. 

Systola offers additional services and IT-solutions for secure usage of business software and comprehensive run of IT for subsidiaries of foreign companies in CIS-states with main focus on security and business continuity. 

Our main target with Systola is to provide modern and powerful ERP software for mid-size companies all over the world. 

In CIS-states the 1C accounting software is the leading one and almost 80% of all businesses work with it to cover local tax reporting requirements and arrange effective controlling and planning. 
The subsidiaries of foreign companies can use 1C software as a stand-alone local accounting module integrated with ERP solution of EU headquarter or as a fully-functional local ERP solution with export of financial data to headquarter IT-system. 

Please visit our website to learn more about possible installation and integration options and request individual price offer.

About Systola:
Systola is an international IT company, specialising in comprehensive IT outsourcing, cloud technologies (in particular, Desktop as a Service) and information security. 

For more information about our product and services please visit our website or send us an email at 
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On May 26th Smart ERP Projects LLC took part in the ERP Day conference, which is dedicated to ERP solutions development trends and an exchange of experience applying popular solutions in Russia, and organised by Russian analytical agency TAdviser.

The event was made interesting by the exchange of opinions between independent experts, IT company employees and end-users of the different ERP solutions available on the market 
Based on this dialogue, our experts drew the following conclusions:

1.   Frequent changes in legislation are still common in Russia and CIS-states, so ERP systems have to be flexible and quickly adjustable. Therefore, most clients expect ERP solution vendors to independently integrate all changes in legislation into the product within a specified timescale. In the opinion of most of the participants at the event, 1C company manages this task with optimal update costs and response times to changes (the CEO of 1C company, B. G. Nuraliev is the head of the working group of the Agency for strategic initiatives under the project “Improvement of Tax Administration”, a member of the public council for the Federal Tax Service, a member of the advisory board of the Ministry of Telecoms and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation for the development of information technology industries, etc.).
2.   During the evolution of the ERP systems for CIS-states companies it was recognised that the systems’ focus has shifted from accounting to managerial functions, in parallel with the replacement of most of the manual user actions in the ERP system by automation and integrated solutions for the collection and input of data from various devices.
3.   With the spotlight on the functionality of ERP solutions, along with traditional tasks such as transaction-level and general resource planning, more and more of ERP’s clients expect to see not just the information supporting their business process performance, but its automated management – right through to ensuring that automated solutions interact directly with the company via ERP solution functions on the one hand, and automatically with suppliers on the other. This approach is still new to CIS-states and was first adopted by enterprises in highly competitive markets. The automated service allows you to minimise personnel costs, and also provides an elastic form of reaction to changes in client demands that is especially important in changing economic conditions.

4.   Comparing actual installation experiences, it was found that installations of ERP solutions from Western vendors are still accompanied by either a parallel installation of local 1C solutions for accounting, or an upgrade of the company’s existing 1C solutions.

This is because Western ERP solutions are not fully compliant with some aspects of Russian business processes and need significant customisation. Additionally, solutions based on 1C functionality adjustments need considerable man-hours to implement them. Based on a comparison of real user experiences of SAP, MS Axapta and 1C we can conclude that the differences between these solutions in terms of customisation lie in the purpose and the nature of the changes required. 

As a rule, solutions developed by Western vendors are not flexible enough and require simplification or the extension of user rights, and the adjustment of settings to satisfy local legislative requirements. In turn, 1C-based solutions are flexible and fully compliant with legislative requirements, but during installation the company accounting process will need to be formalised and the range of user action options in the system limited.

The second reason for the extensive use of 1C solutions alongside Western ERP systems is the complexity of implementation and user training in different regions, and the lack of availability of consultants to support foreign systems. It is clear that national vendor 1C has a much larger network of regional partners to carry out installations, and covers the entire territory of the CIS-states. Currently integrating of Western ERP solutions and 1C is not new and helps to build an effective data flow, using the accounting functions in both systems.

5.   According to reports from clients using different solutions, the costs of the professional installation and maintenance of ERP systems from all vendors in the central part of Russia are nearly the same. However, 1C-based ERP solutions still have a considerable cost advantage – including the cost of licenses for installation in the “on-premises” mode together with a software update subscription, and the option of renting cloud-based 1C modules.

6.   Separate attention was given to how best to implement ERP solutions: in-house or using external consultants. Having considered all the opinions and approaches this seemed the most flexible to us: regular maintenance work and small adjustments to the system can be similarly effectively executed both by in-house experts and external sources. However it is advisable to source external consultants whose methods and technologies correspond best with your organisational culture and processes, so as to achieve essential breakthroughs. As a rule, local consultants are ready to tackle local legislation and the automation of both accounting and tax accounting, leaving the project team free to apply themselves to the objectives of the main project.

7.   Comparing different solutions “through the customer’s eyes”, the participants noted that there are significant differences in the criteria for choosing ERP solutions to suit companies of different sizes. However, all the known vendors are trying to work with all customer segments simultaneously, which often causes misunderstanding and subsequent difficulties with implementation.
Our experts were able to draw the following conclusions:
·        Where the organisation does not yet need really large amounts of data to be processed and is not impacted on by the risk of system performance limits, the implementation of “heavy” systems will not give any tangible advantages over solutions for medium to large enterprises. On the contrary, there may be significant costs associated with modifying and subsequently developing the solution.

·        Where the company operates in a highly competitive market, a choice should be made in favour of an inexpensive and flexible system that allows for the modification of business processes quickly and inexpensively. The system should also be easily deployed in all enterprise’s departments without geographical/functional limitation, etc. It will have the key competitive advantage over other market players.

·         As the business grows, “anchoring” the most typical functions (e.g. corporate financial accounting) may be done by installing a “heavy system”, however, a more cost-effective and flexible system can still be used at the operational level.

At the end of this review we offer both Russian and foreign companies an opportunity to find out more about the options given by our flagship 1C-based solutions - the national standard of accounting in CIS-states - ERP 2.0, as well as how to approach integrating this solution with Western systems.

Visit our website or contact us by phone or email.
We will be happy to answer your questions!
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In February 2015 the 1C company in cooperation with ITLand company released the newest and more powerful version of "1C:ERP+PM Project organization management 2.0" solution based on 1C:Enterprise 8.3 platform.

The product "1C:ERP+PM Project organization management 2.0" is aimed to support administrative activities of enterprises which perform projects implementation and is directed to reduce operational and transaction expenses. The product can be used in the following business areas:

Research and development, design, research institutes
Construction and building business
Machine-building enterprises, design offices
Engineering, IT and consulting companies, system integrators
Design media business (organization of exhibition activities, mass media, advertising agencies)
Any other organizations using in work the following concepts: "project", “project portfolio" and "project program"

Now there is an offer to purchase a stand-alone module " 1C:PM Project organization management for 1C:ERP" and integrate it into "1C:Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) 2.0".
Our company will be glad to help international companies with implementation of this solution with English interface.

For more information please visit our website, give us a call +7-495-374-61-58 or send us an e-mail at

We are looking forward for cooperation!
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Special offer for bundle  "1C:Enterprise 8 and Microsoft SQL Server 2014 for users of 1C:Enterprise 8".

The leading vendor of accounting and ERP software on CIS-states territory - 1c company offers middle-sized companies the most comfortable prices for 1C software licenses and required system software like MS SQL Server, etc.

Now implementation of 1C:ERP 2.0 has become even more lean!

From June 1st, 2015 the 1C company cuts the prices for bundle "1C: Enterprise 8 + Microsoft SQL Server 2014 for 1C:Enterprise 8” which allows to get modern and powerful 1C:ERP 2.0 solution for a special price. 

1C:ERP 2.0 supports various DBMS and deployment options and it is available to a wide range of companies. In any case, it’s a chance to get advantages of using modern technologies for a really attractive price!  

Contact us to get more detailed product and prices information, and also the most suitable 1C deployment options for your company.
Learn  more here:
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One of the leading banks in Russia - the Sberbank ( and 1C company released a newest technical solution for direct exchange of payment transactions between "1C:Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) 2.0" and Sberbank Business Online system. Previously, the old version of this interface processed the files between both systems only.

Thereby all companies with an intensive stream of bank operations can fully automate sending and recieving of payment documents from/to 1C accounting software.

The newest data exchange interface with Sberbank can be easily installed in all other 1C:Enterprise-based solutions (starting with version 8.3.5 of 1C framework) and it’s provided for free to official 1C users subscribed to information and technological support contract (1C:ITS).

Contact us if you are interested in installation of modern data exchange interface in your company - we will be glad to offer the best solution for your case.

Besides automation of bank payments processing, the modern "1C:Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) 2.0" solution can help your company to automate the following functions:

Customer relationship management (1C:CRM)
Sales and distribution management (SD)
Retail management (1C:Retail)
Supply Chain Management (SCM)
Material resource planning (MM)
Production management and planning (PP)
Project management (1C:POM)
Quality management (QM)
Maintenance and repair management (PM)
Fixed Assets management (AM)
Cost accounting and Controlling (CO)
Fiscal accounting and tax reporting (1C:ACC)
HR management & payroll calculation (1C:HRM)
Finance management & IFRS reporting (FI)
Budgeting and Treasury management (FI)
Document management system (1C:DMS)
Learn more about possibilities of automation for your business on our website or send us your questions directly via e-mail at
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On May 21th, 2015 Smart ERP Projects LLC participated in the business event for companies from Germany, Kazakhstan and Kyrgystan. 

The event took place in Tübingen (Germany) and was organized by Export-Akademie Baden-Württemberg (…/kooperationsboerse-mit-fuehrungskrae…/)

Our company introduced an experience in automation of different businesses in Europe and in CIS-states and offers modern and powerful ERP solution for managerial accounting and day-to-day management based on 1C:Enterprise 8 software solutions.
Flagship ERP-class solution - 1C:ERP 2.0 with English interface - allows West European companies to run fast and effectively work of their subsidiaries in CIS-states and to establish cooperation with regional partners. 1C:ERP 2.0 is fully compatible with local accounting requirements of tax regulation of every CIS-state.

Traditionally, our company also provides 1C - SAP and 1C - DATEV integration services and IFRS accounting automation projects.

We will be glad to answer all questions from foreign companies who are interested in modern and flexible ERP solution for their businesses and suggest to visit our website or send us your questions directly by email at
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“1C” company - the leading ERP software vendor in CIS - has released a new “1C:Enterprise 8” platform Practical Developer Guide in English language 

Smart ERP Projects team used the “1C:Enterprise 8” platform tools to develop our own add-on to “1C:Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) 2.0” – user interface in English (

The release of new version of tutorial guide makes it possible to study the advantages and possibilities of the latest version of 1C:Enterprise 8 framework for development and quick customization of ERP-class solutions for all worldwide partners.

The software development projects and customization of ERP solution based on 1C:Enterprise 8 allow ISV’s to reduce workload and development costs for account of inhouse developers and outsourcing force from CIS and Eastern Europe with a high technical skills in software design.

We will be glad to cooperate with all ISV’s interested in implementation of modern software design technologies and building of a new business model of software delivery (SaaS/On Premices/ Mobile) to its customers based on attractive 1C:Enterprise licencing policy and vendor support!

Please visit our website for more information
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