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New Blog Post: A Beautiful Piece of Print Can Be Timeless.
We live in a world where technological advances means that almost everything you need can be accessed by the touch of a button. Now, media that was previously only printed for example, newspapers, magazines, books and even some business stationery, can be accessed digitally. Print has to compete with this new technology by improving tried-and-tested methods to prove that while digital is great for those quick “need it yesterday” situations, it is easily discarded, and forgotten, while a beautiful piece of print can be timeless. Read more: #unwembi 

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New Blog Post: Our website turns 9 years old in June and what a successful and valuable service it has grown up to be. Developed the website in 2007, in part, as a result of our own experience, as a small business trying to access government issued tender, it now boasts some impressive web statistics. Read more: ‪#‎unwembi‬ #satenders 

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New Blog Post: "Like every other professional, time is the one thing that we can’t ever get back, and it’s always a juggle to find the balance. That’s why we enjoyed taking on the re-branding and digital development of Virtual Concierge Services, an organization of dedicated, professional women who assist other professionals with tasks that can be outsourced to a trusted party." Click below to read more on what we did or them. #unwembi #concierge #virtualconcierge 

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Happy #AfricaDay to our fellow Africans. What a special place we live in. #MadibaRemembered #AfricaDay2016 

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Yes, I said it, and the SEO thing too. As a web development company, we have a long history of working in the public sector space. SEO wasn’t really top of the list, good indexing and massive back ends were.

Some time ago we starting getting more private clients and SEO become a service we needed to provide. And what a journey it’s been.

It’s complex, not well understood it and the experts out there all say different things. Well that’s been my experience anyway. So I thought I would share a few pointers, hints, links and tips on SEO to help you make the journey a little easier (hopefully).

Firstly SEO is not an event but rather a journey. Most of the time there is no clear starting point and certainly no ending point. Also Google does NOT make sense and I don’t care how knowledgeable you are, if you don’t work for Google, you still be guessing sometimes.

There are two parts to SEO: on-page stuff and off-page stuff. The on-pages stuff are the easiest to do and is made up of good web development skills and content placement. The off-page stuff takes more time and link building and is still the thing that moves the needle the most. I have included a quick reference guide on this below.

Content is still the most important ingredient but its how it’s placed and used, that also makes a difference. Its important to know what keywords are right for you to lead people to your webpage.

If you want your website to get traffic you need to make sure that your website contains content created around the right keywords. What this means is that you should be using words that your potential audience is already using.

Easier said than done, but there are some good tools out there you can use. But be warned, it takes time to understand how to do this.
And the one I like the best
Any SEO project should entail the following steps
* Keyword research
* Goal Setting
* Content Building
* Page Optimisation
* Social & Link Building
* Follow up Reporting & Analysis

Now a lot has been written about this and there are loads of guides and courses on the web if you have the time to read this stuff. It’s good to have an understanding but if you a business owner, you might not have the time to implement it all. Make no mistake, as I said earlier, SEO is a journey, it takes time and resources. I have included two links below to guides that you might find useful.

I hope you find this quick read useful. My final tips for this blog are as follows: follow these guys blog:, it has taught me the most. And never buy from a SEO company that appears top of your search page because of a paid advert!

Next up, we will talk about an exciting new Drupal 8 project that Unwembi is embarking on. 

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Four Web Design Trends That Drive Engagement:
1. Monochromatic design with a striking colour on the areas to catch attention or that you can actually interact with. It is this clever colour usage and background contrast that catches the users eye and encourages them to click. Simple yet effective.
2. Prioritised navigation is where you only show pages in your navigation bar that you think will be immediately of interest to your audience.
3. Card design layout allows users to quickly identify what they want to look at via the conveniently displayed visuals. Think Pinterst and instagram. This works particularly well with responsive design and social media integration, which all are proven to drive website engagement.
4. Responsive design, where a web design adapts to fit whatever screen it is being viewed on. 46% of users won’t even view a static site on their portable device? It is clear that users are more likely to stay on your site and return if it is responsive. More users equal more chances for engagement. #unwembi #webdesign

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With some astounding digital facts and figures being released, it’s obvious that brands should be increasingly aware of the global movement towards a totalizing digital age, one that is beyond anything they had previously imagined. 
1) Global Active Internet Users now totals 3.175 Billion, that’s nearly half of the world’s population (7.357 Billion).
2) As for Social Media, there are over 2.206 Billion active users. 
3) There are 3.734 Billion Unique Mobile Users accounting for a 51% worldwide penetration. 
4) 1.925 Billion users utilise their mobiles for Social Media platforms. 
It is even more evident that the only way forward is engaging consumers through mobile and digital social media communications, and now. ‪#‎godigital‬ ‪#‎unwembi‬

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We're sure, those in the IT industry will relate :) 

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Check out the infographic below to see social marketing challenges and opportunities from a group of 300 professionals surveyed. Interestingly, one of the challenges highlighted was the inability to measure ROI as their most challenging obstacle to social media marketing success. #unwembi #infographic #socialmedia
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