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Giving with intention: 5 tips for meaningful philanthropy


How the Stars Kiss One Another in the Armenian Culture

Pamela's Weekly Words of Wisdom: Money Can'y Buy Happiness…/pamelas-weekly-word…/

Our world is in crisis. Millions of our fellow humans are fleeing their homes, seeking shelter in countries far from the lands, people, and lives that they have always known. As violence escalates in Syria, millions flee for fear of the civil war that ravages their country. What Can You Do to Address this Crisis? 1. Get Educated: Read and learn about the world around you.…/our-world-our-commun…

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The Classic Pamela Positive: "A Selfless Person Is More Concerned About the Happiness of Another..."

Pamela's Weekly Words of Wisdom: "UnConference Room" Your Meeting with a Peaceful Banyan Tree

Is organic chemistry and inspiration your favorite partnership? Tune in next week to learn ‪#‎DuranDuran‬ & ‪#‎MichelleBranch‬ answers! ‪#‎ClimateChange‬ 

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UniversalGiving is at the USF Fall Career Fair today! Visit our booth at USF in Gleeson plaza!

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To celebrate this year's Social Good Summit event, which is just a couple of short weeks away, here's a look at 18 of the best quotes from last year's summit.

We are seeing a new trend in CSR!
Companies in China are now starting to report on employee volunteers at a much higher rate. In the past, 46% talked about volunteerism — and in one year it’s now increased to 70%! How exciting to see service increase throughout the world!
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